Baseball Preview: Zach Miller – Dr. Dog

HT: What makes it great/frustrating to be a Phillies fan?

ZM: By far the most frustrating part of being a Phillies fan has been their closing pitching. Just yesterday they lost to the goddamn Braves with 2 outs in the 9th and a 3 run lead. Closing pitching lost them the World Series last year. And could you have imagined if Lidge had only blown half as many saves as he did last year? I could.

HT: How do you feel about the Phillies offseason moves?

ZM: Didn’t pay too much attention to what they did in the offseason but I was disappointed they got rid of Cliff Lee. That guy was a class act.

HT: Do you participate in Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball?

ZM: Don’t do any fantasy stuff.

HT: How closely do you follow your favorite team when you’re out on the road?

ZM: We try to follow as closely as we can. We’re watching all the games we can with the satellite on the bus. That’s a major advantage to having a bus.

HT: What’s your favorite ballpark memory?

ZM: We actually got to sing the National Anthem at a Phillies game and meet the Phanatic. It was awesome. Later that season we were at the game that they clinched the division.

HT: What’s your favorite stadium to visit?

ZM: Citizens Bank Park in Philly. No surprise there. We did just manage to catch a game at Wrigley last week which was really cool. It’s a great place to watch a game.

HT: What’s your favorite ballpark food?

ZM: Hot dogs, of course.

HT: Who is your favorite player (current and/or all-time)?

ZM: Pete Rose. Toby would probably want me to add his all time favorite, Kirby Puckett.

HT: What player do you love to hate?

ZM: Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez. He’s so lazy. It sucks to watch him play in those stupid pajama pants.

Many thanks to Zach for taking the time to chat with us. Dr. Dog, who recently released their latest album Shame, Shame, continue their tour tonight with a stop at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR. The band also has a special live in-studio webcast lined up for 6 PM (EST) this Sunday, April 25, prior to their gig at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco where Deer Tick will join them as the opener for the rest of their tour.

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