F4tF: East Harlem + Harlem Food Shopping

3) Casablanca Meat Market – 125 E 110th St (Between Park & Lex) 212.534.7350

Open since 1949, Casablanca has been serving East Harlem for over 60 years.  If you go on a weekend, polish your Spanish, take a number, know what you want and WAIT.  Yes the line on  Saturdays can be quite long but the quality of the meat, knowledge of the staff and the pricing make Casablanca worth the wait.

4) S & D Fruit & Vegetable Inc – 123 E 110th St (Between Park & Lex) 212.410.6165

This market, which is located next door to Casablanca Meat Market, is the place to go for everything Goya as well as every type of Mexican food product you are looking for (dried chiles, spices etc…).  Their prices are the lowest in NYC (at least from what I have seen).  The store is immaculately clean and the staff is very friendly.  Worth taking a trip to check out S&D and Casablanca on one trip.

4) Central Market 220 Manhattan Ave (between 109th St & 110th St) 212.932.1990

Located on the corner of 110th street and Central Park West.  I finally went into Central Market for the first time last weekend not knowing what to expect.  What I found was a rather large market that was a mix of local supermarket and gourmet store.  They have some unique gourmet products that I have not seen up this way much at competitive prices.  If you live nearby and have never been in, stop in and check it out.  If I lived closer, I would shop there more often for sure.

5) Best Yet Market – 2187 Frederick Douglass Blvd (between 119th & 120th Streets) 212.377.2300

Just opened a little less than three months ago (February 4th, 2010), Best Yet is the best supermarket in NYC you have not heard of (or been to).  The store is huge (upper and lower levels, plus a cafe upstairs).  They have house branded products like soup and other staples that are very reasonably priced.  They are on twitter, have a weekly circular that you can get via email as well as a blog that offers everything from products on sale to video cooking tips.  There is also an email list you can sign up for. This market is very quickly becoming my favorite supermarket to go to other than the Associated in my neighborhood.  There mix of gourmet products and regular every day staples ranks very high in my book.  If I lived a little closer, I wouldn’t even consider another market.  There is another one in Astoria (19-30 37th Street 718.721.7500) which is even bigger than the one in Harlem.  They have been around Long Island for a while and are just starting to make inroads into NYC.

One of their recent uploaded videos on the blog was How to Make a  New york Cheesecake.


That’s all for this week, hope I turned you on to some places that you will check out in the near future…

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