Lost Cubicle Chatter: The Candidate

Overall: The SPOILER ALERT has never been as important in Lost history as it is today, considering four major characters got the deep six. And as sappy as this episode got, it was pretty sad. Hence, it’s hard to feel too excited today, even though the events were quite monumental. Ultimately, the reality is setting in that no matter how awesome this show wraps up, it’s going to be totally depressing to have it come to an end. This show is the highlight of the work week. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Discussion Points: 1) How is Locke/The Smoke Monster planning to “finish what he started” if he supposedly can’t kill the candidates? 2) Why is Jack so obsessed with fixing Locke’s spinal injury in the flash sideways even after he saved his life? 3) Sad day in Lost history; Lapidus finally got dusted. I really hoped he would reveal some  redeeming purpose on the show, but he died in vain. So, what was the purpose of Lapidus, simply to have a pilot around in the event they ever decided to build a runaway and fly off in the remnants of a crashed 747? 4) It’s a foregone conclusion now that Sayid died, but wasn’t he already dead? That’s confusing. Man, I can’t believe Sayid is gone. This sucks. (sigh)

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  1. Great recap as usual guys. A few thoughts on your questions:

    1) Smokey will devise another plan to try and get the Candidates to kill eachother. Remember, HE didn’t kill Sun & Jin, Sawyer did. Jack was correct in his analysis of the situation in the sub when arguing with Sawyer about the bomb. If they had left it untouched, it would NOT have gone off, because then it would have been Locke that did the killing (which he is unable to do). Locke was banking on one of them trying to disarm it, which is exactly what Sawyer did, causing him to be the one responsible for Sun and Jin’s deaths.

    2) Jack is obsessed because that’s what Jack’s problem is…he can’t let go, he’s Mr. Fix it. But in this ep he finally understood that he can’t fix everything, and that people’s personal choice trump his desires for them…hence, he let Sun and Jin go in the sub and let Locke go in the Hospital. Big steps for Jack.

    3) Agreed on being confused about Lapidus’ purpose…I thought he was destined for more. Maybe his sole purpose was to fly the Ajira flight so that they could replicate the original situation as much as possible in order to return to the Island…after all, Lapidus was supposed to fly Oceanic 815 originally…

    4) Long live Sayid…what a badass. At least he went out with a bang (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Again…good stuff guys!

  2. after all that has happened between sawyer and jack, i understand why sawyer didnt trust jack…the last time he trusted jack the bomb went off and juliet died.

    we never actually got to see lapidus die, i guess its *possible* he was saved by the hair on his chest and he saves the day later on.

    i guess sayid kinda got his Darth Vader ending…return from the dark side to sacrifice himself and save the ones he cares about.

    i say it every week, i still think its amazing we are down to 3 episodes and i have NO idea where this is going.

  3. This is pretty random, but I’ve been sort of fixated on figuring out who the band that plays Dharma Lady (aka, Geronimo Jackson) is in real life.

    Check this out. This band called the Donkeys from San Diego that has a song called Excelsior Lady that is almost identical. Not sure which came first though.


  4. Ryan, that is the band. Excelsior Lady came out first and one of the producers really liked the band so he asked them to record a version of the song with the “Dharma Lady” lyrics. They’re really good, check out their album “Living on the Other Side.” Perfect summer album.

  5. why won’t Kate just die already? ack, knew deaths coming but wish she was before Jin/Sun.

    Never understood or liked Lapidus character-just seemed like superfulous person on show.

    glad Sayid redeemed.

    so will it be Ben & Miles & Richard to the rescue since we last saw them going for more explosives? Ben was so key to the show in previous seasons but now seems sidelined, will be interesting so see how it wraps up.

    hate to see this show end.

  6. [after all that has happened between sawyer and jack, i understand why sawyer didnt trust jack…the last time he trusted jack the bomb went off and juliet died]

    That was Juliet’s decision in the end. Jack didn’t put a gun to her head. And even Sawyer’s own emotions have led to the deaths of others and made him look like a chump. The problem was that Sawyer couldn’t forgive Jack for what happened to Juliet and he simply lacked faith. It was this lack of faith that led to Sayid, the Kwons and Frank’s death.

    Sawyer screwed up. Why keep making excuses for him?

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