Intermezzo: A Heartbreaking SNL Finale

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will return to NBC’s Saturday Night Live for the Alec Baldwin-hosted season finale on May 15. This marks the group’s eight appearance on the show, though it will be their first since first time on SNL since 1999. Petty and his band are gearing up for an extensive tour in support of Mojo, which is currently set for a June 15 release.

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Finally, Orlando Sentinel film critic Roger Moore was not a fan of Phish 3D. He panned the movie in a blog post incurring the wrath of vocal Phish fans who weren’t pleased with the typical Dead comparisons Moore used. Moore got into it with a few of the commenters and then decided to take a few more shots at the movie and the fanbase in a whole new post after he closed comments in his initial review. A glutton for punishment, he is.

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  1. In regards to the phish 3d review post article… Who cares what this guy says? At this point in the came Phish is not trying to win over non phans. But when he talked about the worst behaved theatre audience in 20 years… I about lost it. FFunny

    “The thing that allows it to mimic the concert experience is the theater audience — videotaping the screen, dancing, shining lights, taking flash photos of the crowd (In a movie theater? Idiots.), smoking pot, dancing, getting a bit plowed and stepping all over people they can’t see in the dark, no matter how many camera flashes they deal out. Probably the worst behaved audience I’ve watched a movie with in 20 years.”

  2. That Roger Moore is a jack ass. Love how he closed the comments in both articles. And in a “Best Concert Film” article, nowhere do we see The Last Waltz, Live At Pompeii, the Closing of Winterland, etc…etc…Instead he mentions Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus….he is a true waste of newspaper space.

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