Cover Wars: Effigy Edition

Gov’t Mule: After original Gov’t Mule bassist Allen Woody’s passed away in 2000, Warren Haynes and Matt Abts got to work recording Volume One of The Deep End which featured an impressive lineup of legendary bass players. Mike Watt, founding member of Minutemen and fIREHOSE, is the bass player on this 9+ minute rendition and Jerry Cantrell of Alive In Chains contributes harmony vocals. Mule also frequently plays Effigy live, often times with Folsom Prison Blues in the middle. Source: The Deep End Volume 1


If you make it through these 10 minutes, Part 2 is also up on YouTube:

Psychlone Rangers: This is a fairly straight-forward rendition, though it contains considerably less lead guitar than the original, from a 1996 Fogerty tribute album which bizarrely was released by a Finnish record label. Source: John Fogerty: Wrote A Song For Everyone


Uncle Tupelo: This studio cover was first released on No Alternative, a 1993 compilation and then again on the “Anthology” 89/93. In a post from Aquarium Drunkard reminding fans that this is indeed a CCR cover, they describe the performance as “Jay Farrar’s fiercest guitar work to date”. Source: Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology


Checking in on last week’s The Wicked Messenger Cover Wars, all of the renditions received votes and Faces ultimately edged out The Black Keys by a couple of votes. Both were deserving versions.

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