Lost Cubicle Chatter: What They Died For

Epic One Liner of the Week: “It’s just a line of chalk in a cave, the job is still yours if you want it, Kate” – Jacob

Lost My Mind Just a Couple of Times: 1) That seemed like an awfully hasty way to dispose of two seemingly keystone characters in Widmore and Richard. In Richard’s case, maybe the smoke monster simply took him somewhere, but if that’s the last we see of those two, it would be fairly disappointing. 2) Just a nitpick, but Kate had a bullet wound all the way through her shoulder to start the episode. I know Jack is the man, but that wound healed awfully fast. 3) What was with the nymph narrating the preview for the finale?

Overall: As mentioned above, some elements of this episode happened a little too fast to fully digest, such as the disposing of some key characters, Jack volunteering for the Jacob role and Ben flipping back to his evil ways, but things are back on track overall after last week’s bed crapping. I thought it was interesting how Jacob surprised the candidates (and all the Lost fans) by offering them a choice in who wanted the protector role, and his speech in that scene was top-notch. The communion scene felt pretty contrived, but that’s been the theme for a long time now, so they had to do it. Was anyone else dying for Jack to comment on what that drink tasted like? Anyway, it feels like the stage is set for the final curtain call.

Discussion Points: 1) Is that the last we see of Richard? 2) What do you think will ultimately become of Kate (think she and Jack make an island baby in a slow motion love scene and stay together forever)? 3) Desmond theories? 4) How awesome is it that the finale got switched to Sunday (don’t forget to check your DVRs)?

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  1. Kate falls in love with Jack, Sawyer gets pissed b/c Jack won’t let them leave the island, Monster convinces Sawyer to kill jack (because of Kate & Juliette & leaving the island – OK, maybe Ben instead), Hurley becomes new Jacob, Desmond is OBVIOUSLY going inside that light cave thingy.

    Other Desmond theory: If monster kills him, and inhabits his body, maybe he can go into light thing.

  2. Holy jeez. Who was the old elf narrating the preview???

    But seriously, I think the fact that we didn’t see Richard die might lead to him having some sort of use on Sunday. Maybe not.

  3. i dont know how its going to end…i think for this one im going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    desmond has always been a badass…but now hes taking it to another level. loved it.

  4. Same here Joker. I think I’m ready to turn my brain off and become a full time Modern Family devotee.

    Even if the last episode ends in a way that’s not entirely satisfying, it’s cool. This show kicked ass for too long to worry about it.

  5. Regarding the cycle and everyone looking to see who is going to fill in for the next smoke monster and Jacob and all that shit.. This cycle will END.. Some fools will be kill’d and one of those fools will be Locke/man in black/esua/deadwood guy/smokie.. game over..

    I’m going to the concert with kate brAhs in my corvette

  6. I think Kate’s wound may have been portrayed to heal fast b/c everyone heals faster on the island? Something in the island magic mojo.

    I just want Kate to die, SO annoying.

    Will we see Miles again?

    Love the throat-slashing of Zoe-SO over her from the minute she came on screen.

    Although a quick ending for Widmore, like that Ben killed him, emphasized the whole dead daughter revenge he now seeks.

    Hope that’s not the last of Richard but I think it was.

    Not feeling the Jack volunteers as next Jacob direction & that island ended up on the ocean floor somehow-as always on this show, Jack may not be the final answer/candidate.

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