Video: Elton John – Levon

When Elton John set out for his first headlining tour in 1971, his label didn’t provide enough funds to cover a full band so the soon-to-be legendary pianist hired bassist Dee Murray and drummer Nigel Olsson and reworked the songs to fit his new trio. Breaking the tunes down to the basics gave them a raw, focused side of John’s music that disappeared as he added 2 and then 5 and then 10 more pieces to his band over the years. Check out this trio version of Levon from 1971 and let us know if you agree…

Elton John – Levon


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  1. TrioElton rules. My dad saw him on this tour and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. The songs on the first 3 records really shined in this format, and if you dig you should listen to the live record ’17-11-70′ (or at least the killer 18 min “Burn Down the Mission”.)

    Elton gn00bs – check out the Tumbleweed Connection record. Without question Sir Reg’s best.

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