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As we previously mentioned, venerable indie-jam rockers moe. are in the midst of celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. As part of this year-long festivities, the band will release their first greatest hits album entitled Smash Hits, Volume One on June 1 via their own label Fatboy Records.  Putting the moe. twist on a compilation record, the one-time Buffalo-based act went into the studio and re-recorded several of their older tunes giving them an update from the original versions, as well as laying down the first ever studio version of long-time fan favorite Seat Of My Pants.


The band is currently offering a free download of Spine Of A Dog – one of the tracks that received the update treatment along with Yodelittle, Saint Augustine, Mexico, Rebubula and Buster – as well as an exclusive acoustic version of Lazarus for fans that sign up for their email list.

Finally, with the Bonnaroo rapidly approaching organizers have announced their latest initiative that will give back to the great state of Tennessee that they’ve called home for the last nine years. With the damaging floods that hit earlier this year, the fest has committed to donating up to $50,000 to aid the flood relief efforts in Nashville and the surrounding area. Having already donated $10,000 to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross, now through Sunday, June 6, Bonnaroo will be facilitating donations, via the Bonnaroo Works Fund, and matching them, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000.

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  1. I’ll give two POV’s I have about re-recording old tracks (note that these are not actually in conflict):

    1. Optimistic: I LOVE IT! I wish Phish would do an entire album of Gamehenge and Other non-studio tracks!

    2. Note that the re-recorded tracks were all on albums for which Sony (probably) owned the masters – a deal that went sour and eventually lead to wherever moe. publishes music now. By re-recording, I bet you that moe. was able to simplify the royalty process (i.e. make more $$$). So I don’t quite believe them when they say they wanted to make it all fit together. That Said, screw Sony!

    Also, I’d like to see a few songs from Tin Cans & Car tires re-recorded: Specifically, I don’t like the strings on Plane Crash… (Hi&Lo, Happy Hour Hero, & Queen of the Rodeo actually don’t need any re-recording love so far as I’m concerned)

    While I’ve gone out and made a big post of it – Whatever happened to Capricorn Records? (Bought by Volcano). Through eBay I’ve compiled a bunch of Aquarium Rescue Unit albums, but I’d love to see more stuff available!

    OK – I’m done.

  2. Oh yeah, I love the Wendell Sessions – still, would love to hear some clean rips through old classics – way more than I like their new songs (although I think I like many more than most people).

  3. Ha! I love the fact that the album cover is paying homage to their old stomping grounds Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo ( Anyone remember chalking your license (NY residents)? Did that back in the day. I was born in 1980 and had to change it to the closest thing possible 1969. Yeah, for some reason it worked (a lot). Got to see Sonic Garden there a few times b/c of it. Oh, memories.

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