Review: Everyone Orchestra @ Quixote’s

Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band, among other projects) stood in between the two, switching between her instruments (vocals and trumpet) to provide that touch of jazz swing. But the other names in the band were the ones that held it together from the bottom up. Jamie Janover of Zilla, playing the hammered dulcimer, and The Jazz Mandolin Project’s Jamie Masefield (mandolin), along with Garrett Sayers (bass) and Dave Watts (drums), both of The Motet, interacted in a way that can only be said of some of today’s tightest bands: their changes were smooth and grooves rumbling. Through a jumbled yet organized freedom, The Everyone Orchestra lifts you up.

From note one, the crowd could not stand still. As Butler proved to us, it didn’t even matter what song was being played: his unfinished comment “That song was called…” was left hanging throughout the show. With a couple of obvious and welcome exceptions, the show was one steady stream of jamming on riffs ranging from Indian influence to “cowboy twang,” with a whole lot of funk thrown in to keep the crowd dancing. A mid-second-set Three Little Birds cover, sung by Hollingsworth, turned into a full-crowd sing-along, as did the encore Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, a song that, when played as it was Saturday, can lift the spirits of the most downtrodden street-walker around. The walking bass and happily belted vocals of Hollingsworth and Hartswick were a perfect ending to a joyous evening of music.

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