Friday Mix Tape: Silent Lucidity

With a festive weekend ahead and most people cutting out early today, this week’s mix tape is designed for the poor suckers who get stuck in the office this afternoon. In other words, this one will help you feel extremely sorry for yourself while everybody else gets to go out and have fun.

No, in all seriousness, the idea here was to compile a batch of extremely introspective songs to reflect on the “memorial” part of this weekend. While most of these tunes are a depressing as sh*t at face value, they’re all amazing to  clear your head and remember your loved ones. So, if you have to stick around for a few more hours before racing off to the barbecues and beer, this should give you something to think on.

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  1. this was sweet to listen to. I never really listen to introspective music by choice anymore but sometimes it can leave us with a fresh inner shine. Thanks for reminding me what thats like!

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