The Closing of Troy’s Rev Hall

With the change came goals to evolve the venue from its 750 person capacity standing room only identity toward quieter, 200 – 300 person capacity atmosphere; goals which hold an idealistic value, yet are not likely to financially support the overall existence of Rev Hall. Especially with well-known restaurant and soon-to-be-competitor Dinosaur Bar B Que having plans to move into the neighborhood. Could the ambitious makeover of Rev Hall have hurt it? “Rev Hall was meant to be a rock club.” notes Greg Bell, owner of Guthrie Bell Productions and long time producer of shows at Rev Hall. However, Greg is not worried how this will affect the music scene in the area. There are other venues, some larger, and some smaller in which live music will be able to thrive. It is with a hint of sadness though, that producers like himself, music fans, employees and locals consider the closing of Revolution Hall.

[Photo by Andy Hill]

Have some memories of your own you’d like to share about Rev Hall? Favorite moments, shows, and/or words you’d like to say about your love for the Rev? Please share with the rest of the class by leaving a comment below…

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  1. Terrible news! I love this place… saw Umphrey’s, the New Deal, and the Omega Moos there over the past few years.

    I’m gonna really miss the $3 Pork Slap cans of beer, too

  2. Consistently voted by Metroland Readers as the best music venue in the Capital Region and the doors are closing how sad! I thought it was ironic that at the McLovins/7 Walkers show the other night, the Metroland Best Of sign was posted throughout. After 7 years, many jambands up and coming and more popular were becoming fond of the venue and happy to return when they did. It’s ashame that as this venue started to emerge as a distinguished and loved venue, they are deciding to change its course. Rev Hall could have been like other well known, often visited clubs for jam bands such as the “Iron Horse” (MA) or Higher Ground” (Vt) for New York State. It’s location on the Hudson River made it unique. Its so sad, and I wish the current owners would reconsider.

  3. My favorite venue in the Capital District and only a short drive from my home in Saratoga County!!. Always caught Max Creek and the Mclovins there!! I knew something was up when there were no shows being booked after a certain date even if summer is slow and filled with many jambands playing festivals

  4. ONCE upon a time… I could walk over from Watervliet w/an empty growler, get a shot o-tequila @ Jose Malones, leave growler @ Browns, see a Mike Doughty, Donna the Buffalo/moe. or Umphreys McGee show @ Rev Hall, pick up Full growler @ Browns for the walk home, realize Jose Malones is closed & end up @ Ryan’s Wake for ?? till 4.

    This entire block of River street fit together like hand in glove, wine & cheese, Bread & Butter, Whiskey & Soul… and you’ve just removed the soul. I doubt any Dinosaur or BBQ will bring that back. If you need me, i’ll be @ the Ruck… Until 4.

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