Summer Camp Recap and Setlists




Set 1: Rebubula, She Sends Me, All Roads Lead to Home, Day Dreaming*, Zed Nought Z, Rise> Happy Hour Hero**, Mexico

Set 2: George, Cissy Strut, Big World> Ricky Marten> Recreational Chemistry, Brent Black> Interstellar Overdrive> Brent Black
Encore: Johnny Lineup

Notes: * – First Time Played (FTP) Rob Original **with Ivan Neville on keys


Set 1: Akimbo > Sensory Deprivation Bank, Haze# > Wormwood > St Augustine, McBain > Skrunk, Waiting For The Punchline*

Set 2: Dr. Graffenberg > Buster, 32 Things**, Billy Goat## >(nh) Moth > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys JAM > Farmer Ben
Encore: Lazarus

# FTP – new al. song
* w/ Danny Barnes
** w/ Brendan Bayliss
## FTP – new rob. song


Set 1: Bearsong >(nh) Timmy Tucker, One Life#, Deep This Time, Not Coming Down, Wind It Up, San Berdino* > {moe. / ZPZ bandswitch} > Muffin Man

Set 2: Crab Eyes > Threw It All Away > Crab Eyes, Okayalright, Blue Jeans Pizza**, Puebla## >(nh) The Road > The Pit > The Road
Encore: Down Boy > Seat Of My Pants

{# FTP – new chuck. song
* w/ Dweezil Zappa
** w/ Kyle Hollingsworth
## FTP – new al. song}

[moe. setlists via Kahlil Katool]

Umphrey’s McGee


Set 1: Rocker (part II), Walletsworth, Turn & Dub -> The Linear* > Hajimemashite > Plunger, Gulf Stream, Lisztomania

Set 2: 40’s Theme, Ocean Billy > #5, In the Kitchen** -> Girlfriend is Better > “Jimmy Stewart” -> Booth Love -> Glory > Ocean Billy
Encore: Cemetery Walk II

*w/ Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ teases
**w/ Much Obliged jam; unfinished


Set 1: Phil’s Farm, Syncopated Strangers, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft, Conduit, All in Time, Cemetery Walk*, Sledgehammer*

Set 2: The Triple Wide**, Preamble > Mantis > Hangover > “Jimmy Stewart”^ > Hangover > Mantis^^, Women Wine & Song*, Chelsea Dagger***, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough*, Nothing Too Fancy^^
Encore: Mulche’s Odyssey^^

*w/ Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret on horns
**w/ Mantis tease
*** – First Time Played, by The Fratellis
^w/ Mike “Mad Dog” conducting
^^w/ fireworks


Afternoon Set: JaJunk, Much Obliged -> Partyin’ Peeps, The Fussy Dutchman, We’re Going to War*, Seven Bridges Road**, Bridgeless > August > Bridgeless

*w/ Mike Rackey on steel pedal guitar
**first time played in full; last played 10.9.04

Late Night Set: Pay the Snucka > Bright Lights, Resolution*, Wappy Sprayberry** > Slacker -> I’m On Fire# > Slacker^, Voices Inside My Head -> 1348, The Floor, ^^Pay the Snucka

*w/ Roy Ponce (Brainchild) on guitar
**w/ 25 or 6 to 4 jam
#no lyrics
^w/ Jesse (The Macpodz) on keys
^^w/ Rain Song intro

[all UM setlists via Umphreak007]

Gov’t Mule


Set: Out Front Jam* > Thorazine Shuffle, Railroad Boy > Trane** > Eternity’s Breath > St. Stephen Jam > The Shape I’m In > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys^ Steppin’ Lightly, Broke Down On The Brazos, Loser^^ Wild Horses$, Mule > Whole Lotta Love > Mule

Notes: * With Unring The Bell Tease. ** With 3rd Stone From The Sun and Norwegian Wood Teases. ^With Chuck Garvey. ^^With Al Schnier. $ With Danny Barnes & Jeff Austin

[via Box Scores]



Day Set: Really Wut?, Kamuy, Tooth, BRN, Instantly, Equinox, ISB, Aimlessly, Lo Schwagga


Late Night Set: This, Us, EHM, Rent, Move My Peeps, Wut is Luv?, One a Day, Hi-Key, 118, Somesing, HHHF, Moonsocket, Unq ?
Encore: Twilight, Monkey Music

[STS9 Setlists via The Lowdown]

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