Krasinski, Rudd, Hader, Stewart, Colbert and Vampire Weekend Join Conan at Radio City

The VW boys ran onstage to tepid applause and delivered a rousing rendition of Walcott from their debut album. Harvard boy O’Brien did his Ivy League brethen proud by adding some sweet rhythm guitar to the song. Despite the lukewarm reaction – and the difficulties inherent in using the house band’s equipment – Vampire Weekend came out for one song and crushed it. Conan thanked the Vampire boys before bringing out the next guest – Stephen Colbert.

Colbert and O’Brien got into a ridiculously funny back and forth that eventually led to Colbert declaring a dance off. After each of the comedians did their best Elaine Benes impression, Colbert went down with a hamstring injury. It looked like the Comedy Central host was down for the count when The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart ran down the aisle of the orchestra section and bounded onto stage to dance for his fallen comrade. Eventually sidekick extraordinaire Andy Richter took a shot for his boss leaving Colbert to drag Stewart off-stage to thunderous applause.

Conan Dance-Off With Colbert and Stewart


It turns out the parade of guest stars was just beginning as Conan brought out Paul Rudd, Bill Hader and John Krasinski – one at a time – to pull a lever that led to a unintentionally funny Walker, Texas Ranger clip being shown on the big screen above the stage. Each actor got a huge reaction but the flash bulbs that went off when Jim from The Office smiled could’ve lit a small city. The pacing of O’Brien’s two-hour set was perfect, there was no down time at this show. We can only imagine what the future TBS host has up his sleeves for tonight’s Radio City finale.

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