MGMT Unveils Open Taping Policy

MGMT’s roots in the jamband world have been well-documented. That connection continues to show with a change in MGMT’s taping policy that establishes a taping section at all of the band’s headlining shows.

Take a look at this f’awesome announcement from the band’s website

Audio recording is allowed at shows. In each venue there will be a taping section. You must record the show from this section and not outside of it. This section in most situations will be located by the soundboard. In reserved seating and other unique situations you will be asked to keep your microphones at head level. There is no special taper ticket needed. We do NOT allow videotaping only audio.

The Brooklyn-based band’s live show has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years, so why not let more people hear what they are doing on stage these days? While MGMT will surely be performing Time to Pretend and Electric Feel at nearly every show for the next few years, the group’s newer material offers plenty of room for exploration. We’re psyched that we’ll get to hear it develop. Now let’s get MGMT on the Live Music Archive!

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  1. This is definitely cool. I got tix to both nights at Radio City. Looking forward to seeing them live finally.

  2. I am glad to hear their show has gotten better. I wasn’t too impressed the last couple times I saw them. I am seeing them at Stubb’s on Sunday and really excited about the openers Tame Impala

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