YEMblog Unveils Pre-Tour Goodies

From The Archives
Bonnaroo Festival
Manchester, TN

Broadcast #1: June 12, 2009

Hosted By: Kevin Shapiro

Source: Pre-FM

1. Destiny Unbound (5/31/2009 @ Fenway Park, Boston, MA)
2. Born Under Punches (10/31/1996 @ The Omni, Atlanta, GA)
3. Kevin Speaks
4. Sabotage (8/16/1998 @ The Lemonwheel, Limestone, ME)
5. Kevin Speaks
6. Ghost (5/22/2000 @ Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY)
7. Kevin Speaks
8. Lengthwise (11/19/1992 @ St. Michael’s, Colchester, VT)
9. Kevin Speaks
10. Sneakin’ Sally (9/28/1999 @ Oak Mountain, Pelham, AL)
11. Kevin Speaks
12. Tweezer (11/23/1994 @ Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO)
13. Kevin Speaks
14. Llama (10/18/1994 @ Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)
15. Kevin Speaks
16. After Midnight (12/31/1999 @ Big Cypress)
17. Kevin Speaks
18. Born to Run (7/16/1999 @ PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ)
19. Radio Bonnaroo Station Announcement

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7 thoughts on “YEMblog Unveils Pre-Tour Goodies

  1. rstank Reply

    Radio City Ghost makes me happy.

  2. Greg Reply

    Awesome!!! Thanks for unveiling these gems!

  3. Rob S. Reply

    Once upon a time I had a ‘purchased’ copy of After Midnight downloaded on like 1/1/00 – it was pretty dope. I had some other jams as well, it came with artwork, etc. After eMusic, but before Live Phish. Can’t say I miss the early days of the interweb, thanks for the grooves!

  4. been Reply

    Thanks! I was there in my suit and tie-die. Gotta dress nice for radio city!

  5. jeff Reply

    good stuff – thank you for posting!

  6. Dave Reply

    Anyone else having trouble pulling the FLACS?

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