Another SBD Surfaces: Merriweather Post Pavilion ’00 – Theme -> Dog Log

Phish soundboard recordings in circulation from 2000 aren’t plentiful, but we’ve made a step in the right direction over the last few hours. Earlier today we pointed you in the direction of the definitive recording of the Radio City Ghost and other gems from the first Bonnaroo From The Archives broadcast and now we’ve got another sick track from 2000 you’ve got to hear.

A few hours ago subscribers to the 9:30 Club’s mailing list were sent an email about the upcoming Phish shows at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 26 and 27. In the body of the email was an interesting detail…

Last August, hordes of eager phans swarmed Merriweather Post Pavilion and got served a heavenly helping of Phish. The jam gods’ reunion seems to be going great so far, as they’re coming back to Merriweather this June for not one, but two nights of mind-altering music.

Purchase tickets to their Saturday, June 26th and Sunday, June 27th show through Ticketfly and enjoy two great tracks taken from their show at Toyota Park back in 2000. Download “Theme from the Bottom” and “Dog Log” here and check out their remaining Summer dates!

Okay, so we’re a bit thrown off by the whole Toyota Park thing – it’s probably an error – but if you click on that “here” link you’ll be redirected to Sendspace where you can download a 256kbps MP3 of a soundboard recording of the legendary Theme From The Bottom > Dog Log segment from September 17, 2000 at Merriweather. That’s right, just hours after we hear a crispy copy of the Radio City Ghost, we can hear another stellar sequence from 2000 in all its glory. Now that’s how you promote a show.

Also of note is the album title in the tags associated with the file which reads “Past Summer Compilation (5/11/2010 v2)” and it’s listed as track 11 of 12. Hopefully we’ll get to hear the other 11 tracks soon! [HT – Saxilla]


Past Summer Tour Compilation

1. You Enjoy Myself 7/14/94
2. Spock’s Brain 6/20/95
3. Down With Disease > Free 6/26/95
4. Tweezer, Fluffhead 8/1/98
5. Halley’s Comet, I Didn’t Know 8/3/98
6. Ghost 8/7/98
7. My Left Toe > Wading In The Velvet Sea > My Left Toe 7/7/99
8. Bug 7/1/00
9. Runaway Jim 7/3/00
10. Tube 9/15/00
11. Theme From The Bottom > Dog Log 9/17/00
12. Backwards Down The Number Line > Carini 8/11/09

[Download Link via Duanebase]

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16 Responses

  1. LOVED this second set – this whole show, in fact! of the 5 shows I saw in Fall 2000 (all east coast), this was the winner for me. my last show before hiatus brought me my first ever Fluffhead after 19 shows, and then the Curtain With bustout was icing on the cake. second set was some wild improv – as you can hear from this Theme>DogLog (a jammed out Theme??!!?). what was even crazier was the following Mango Song>Free – a jammed out Mango Song!!! The R&R to start the set off wasn’t too shabby either. would love for this to be a LivePhish release: other than Japan, this is a better 2000 show than either Alpine or Darien that got officially released.

  2. My first show! Found $60 walking in! So happy about this awesome, blasting my mind show away.

  3. I agree with you Jake, this show was incredible from beginning to end. the Fluffhead was so unexpected that night!! I used to have an old tape and would listen to Theme > Dog Log over and over…I am so happy to have a sbd version!! This show really was better than any other live releases from 00′.

  4. hey jaybird and others: if you’re a fan of this 9/17/00 show, i did a remaster of one of the existing AUDs. click on my name and go to the “show index” tab.

  5. My first show! Such an epic time! Found $60 on my way in, was totally broke. Then proceeded to have my face shredded, and flung into space by Phish. Every time I hear “Dancing Queen” by Abba I get a cheeky grin. Thats the song they played on the PA as we floated out back into reality.

  6. my first show…had a rough night after losing $60 bucks in the lot before hand. couldn’t even buy a water

  7. just got a ticketmaster email with links to 3 songs. 2 of the songs have already been posted (Ghost & BDTNL) but the 3rd one was for track 1 of the compilation: You Enjoy Myself (1994-07-14 Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center – Canandaigua, NY)

    enjoy! now all we need are tracks 3, 4 & 5…

  8. Does anyone have a link to the My Left Toe>Velvet>MLT? It appears to be broken on this page…THANKS!

  9. I keep getting prompted for a password on DWD, Tweezer and halley’s. Anyone offer help as to what the password is?

  10. Anyone know the order they were originally tracked? Not all of my tracks have a track number. I’d like to hear it how Kevin tracked it.

  11. How do I download the Live Nation links from Safari on my Mac? Or is the link just gone now? Control-click gives me several options but they do not include save as…

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