Strange Brew: Craggie Toubab Brewe

Welcome to back to Strange Brew our monthly column dedicated to – as you probably have already guessed – beer. Each month, we’ll take a close look at a new or notable brew, or just one we think you should be drinking.

While we’ve focused our first few columns on some more widely distributed offerings, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to feature a beer from the small Asheville, NC-based Craggie Brewery that was brewed specifically for the afro-beat act Toubab Krewe (who also called Asheville home), that they’ve cleverly dubbed Toubab Brewe. Deriving their name from local North Carolina history, the Craggy line was a trolley line that ran from downtown Asheville northward, the brewery has been committed to its strong community ties and brewing its two signature beers Battery Hill and Swannanoa Sunset, as well as rotating seasonal offerings since 2007.

Toubab Brewe,  is the latest in the line, an unfiltered Bavarian-style lager that utilizes local organic and seasonal ingredients and is truly a collaborative effort between Craggie and the band. The partnership extends just beyond brewing the beer, as with each keg sold of Toubab Brewe the brewery will donate $5 to Instruments 4 Africa – a non-profit selected by the band which works to preserve music and arts in Africa.

Why You Should Drink It: If you live anywhere in the greater-Asheville area you’ve got a leg up on everyone as Craggie is pretty much a local affair serving their beer at their public house, and distributing to bars around town – I was lucky enough to have two ad-hoc bottles sent my way. Being an unfiltered, Toubab Brewe pours slightly hazy with a rust color and thin white foam head. This extremely easy drinking, light-bodied beer has a crisp, slight dryness about it and it recommended for fans of German-style lagers.

Brewer’s Description: A Bavarian-Style Zwickel Beer. Organic Munich and Pilsen malts are bittered with Organic Hallertau Tradition. This unfiltered Bavarian lager is crisp and malty with a slight hoppy flavor. ABV 4.2%

Availability: Seasonal, on tap, in growlers or kegs

Have you tried Craggie’s Toubab Brew? Leave your thoughts about their latest offering in the comments section below …

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  1. Tried this at the Beer City Festival in Asheville last weekend. It was delicious, and definitely one I’m going to be buying up.

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