Review: 7 Walkers @ Fox Theatre

Though the band did not play many originals this night, we certainly witnessed something new emerge from the old. Other Dead favorites like Deal (which closed the first set), I Know You Rider, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad and Mr. Charlie (the latter of which closed the second set) intermingled with classics like Love Light in a way that most Heads can relate to: transitional ambient jams fueled by a solid rhythm section, as Kreutzmann has always been known to provide.

Aside from a couple moments throughout the show, 7 Walkers put on a solid though not perfect show. Those imperfections can only be attributed, however, to an unfamiliarity with each other’s playing that will surely be fixed with time.

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  1. Caught the band at Rev Hall in Troy (with the mighty George Porter Jr. helping anchor the bottom) and was really impressed. As for the original Dead tunes they played, the big thing for me was they reach much beyond 1972-73 in time. Among others we got a Deal, Wharf Rat and a super swampy Mr. Charlie. it was also real nice to be up close and personal to see Bill K workin it. fun fun band.

  2. Caught their show last night at the Great American Music Hall in S.F. While at times it seemed like Papa Mali was singing with marbles in his mouth, most of the night was excellent. Excellent Birdsong,and they teased us with Wining boy blues then made it a new song by changing the lyrics… then did the same with Within you without you by the Beatles but actually finished with the Beatles song. Overall a very enjoyable evening… started out nearly empty, ended with a full house of happy deadheads! Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile! Ron

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