A ‘Roo State of Mind: Bonnaroo Day 1

For the final show of the night it was Lotus time. I’ve been a fan of Lotus since the release Germination, but I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live. This show was my highlight of the evening. I was completely blown away by their electronica version of Crazy Train that came out of left field. Flower Sermon was phenomenal and I was utterly entralled with the intricate play between the guitarist and the drummer. Umbilical Moonrise was uplifting and beautiful. The crowd ate up every bit of it. A fantastic way to wind down the day.

[Umbilical Moonrise]

Overall, the Thursday experience was good save one issue. Bonnaroo added the Lunar Stage this year. It’s a stage that features Rock Band (where you can actually play on the stage) and hosts DJ music at night. The Lunar Stage is situated between This Tent and The Other Tent. The problem is, the sound from that stage bled to both stages and sounded like complete shit. It was so bad, I found myself completely stage left for Lotus, but could still hear the music pumping.

You can hear it to the right of This Tent as well. Completely annoying and I think perhaps further ruined my experience for Mayer Hawthorne. Bonnaroo, if you’re reading this: please turn that stage down. It can’t be that hard, everything that’s being amplified from that stage is only ultimately running through two channels. If you’re going to have it next year please consider an alternate location. I really hope it’s adjusted for the late night tonight because if any music bleeds into my enjoyment of Hall & Oates classics, I’ll be more than upset.

Alright, that’s enough logistical bitching from me. I’ve got to head out and go see music!

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