HT Poll: Grading The Start of Phish Tour

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  1. I think there has been high energy. Oldies with the new songs. There have also been some new covers. All in all it has been pretty damn good.

  2. A solid B. There is always room for improvement. Generally I’m just happy they are all healthy and playing!

  3. they are washed up. dont give me that bullshit that they are still warming up. theyve been back long enough where they shouldnt be rusty. they should be jamming. thats why i got into phish. because they had an improv ability unlike any other band ive heard besides jazz. phish has lost their soul. lost their reason to stay around. i vote f because i dont even want to see this band anymore.
    p.s. 03/june 04 shits on anything phish has done in 09/10

  4. I think its been solid. Not mind blowing at all, but solid. They have out a lot of effort into their set lists and have been relatively tight. But for not burning the original draft and all subsequent copies of the sheet music for TTE, they have not failed us all once.

  5. Mike, Page and Fish sound GREAT.. Trey, ohhhh Treyyy. Its like he forgot how to jam. He has the composed parts down spat, but give him an open field and he is lost. the rest of the boys are playing great, though, so if you can tune out Trey… 😉

  6. I wholeheartedly disagree that Trey is a weaklink. Jesus, just listen to DWD and Julius from night 1. He SHREDS. It’s when Phish tries to jam ot and get all spacey that things get going rough (sometimes). They need to stick to being tight, fast, and fun. More like ’92 Phish.

  7. Trey needs to stop using that damn whale call pitch bender effect. Using it every once and while is cool but using it on almost every jam, come on. I personally just don’t like it. Other than that I think they sound good.

  8. i gave it an A and im as jaded as they come. what other band plays four in a row with no repeats? I think it would be awesome if they go for 5 , 6, or even 7 without a repeat. they got the arsenal

  9. Trey needs to take the Digitech whammy pedal and shove it up his ass. He ruins every jam with that god forsaken whale call effect. I thought we were done with that!!!! Does this sound hurt anyone else’s ears? Am I crazy???

  10. Hershey deffinitely a B first set slow and nostalgic. Second set was fire. Drowned opener no more needs to be said. Portsmouth, A+, absolute fire, cold water ( debut of a Tom waits tune). Idea is the new jam.  Mike is the MVP melting spines all over. And for all you people talking trash about Trey being absent since Ohio you obiviously didn’t see one of the greatest first tubes ever played. Trey totally embraced his darkside there and the second set Hershey.  No doubt mike and fish have totally stepped up and are clearer than ever. Phish is more than Trey there are 3 other members that are totally capable of carrying shows as we’ve all seen. Yeah the whale calls are getting repetitive. But the the boys are back, healthy and having a great time and it shows. And that asshole that claimed 03/04 blows away 2009-2010 go back on widespread tour. My first phish show was in 92 and I haven’t seen them play this well since 92-98. The boys are back and I’m loving it so all you haters go back to your widespread tour. Or maybe you might be more at home at a DMB show. As we certianly don’t need your negative energy bringing  down my summer tour 2010. Which has been nothing A’s and B’s.  

  11. Mike/Fish/Page: A

    Trey: C

    Obviously he’s been practicing seeing that he is all over the composed sections, and we KNOW he has the chops to deliver on the jams, but his reliance on the whale is frustrating. Can he or the other members not hear that it simply doesn’t work most of the time?

    I’ll still have fun though.

  12. A.
    I have been seeing them since 95, thought last year overall was great, great to have them back, but I listened to the the first 3 nights so far, and they sound great. Everyone is contributing great melodic ideas and sounds in the jams, and they are tight as hell. Love the jams coming back, last year was a little too rock and succinct overall, now they are getting out there and taking it to another level.
    Can’t wait for Great Woods!!
    And to all the whale haters: shut the fuck up.

  13. A

    Tight and focused playing. Extremely varied and unpredictable set list writing. People will find a lot to complain about, but I think the band sounds really good. I for one am glad the songs aren’t stretching out that long. They can fit in more songs and the jams aren’t as aimless. I honestly don’t mind the whale/wail whammy pedal. It sounds a lot cooler to me than ‘digital delay loop jam’ or ‘*trey on keys.’

  14. 2010 Phish is nothing like 1992 Phish. Nothing. Nothing at all. Have I made that clear? 🙂

    2010 Trey may still be Rembrandt, but he’s finger painting stick people. D

    Mike is doing well, but he’s overdoing effects, too. B+

    Fish is the MVP, Antelope screwups or not. 🙂 A-

    Page is doing well. Hasn’t yet reached the level he did last year, but he’s on track. B+

    When I add it all up together, Phish 2010 is somewhere around a C+ / B-

  15. C

    Seem to be playing “better” than early last summer (from a technical standpoint) but lack of experimentalism, over abundance of songs-per-set, and reliance on “playing it safe” makes me sadly sure that we’re well past these guys being anything more than a shell of what they used to be. I’m not even demanding ’92/’98 quality, I’d settle for 2003/2004 even.

  16. Yeah…listening to Phish summer tour so far communicates to me that Trey sometimes, maybe even subconsciously, is not fully interested in the improvisational part of the song, he mails it in so he can just get to Let Me Lie or whatever song he can get note perfect…jams take patience, curiosity and interest…its like staring at a tree…some will say ‘dude, move on with ur life, its just a tree’…but sometimes, if u stare long enough, unique characteristics start to reveal themselves, ones u would have overlooked if ur brain stopped at ‘its just a tree like all others’

  17. I’m surprised by all the “A” votes. This tour so far, like so much of last year, is “average-GREAT” Phish. “B” is appropriate and it is good to see so many “B” votes imo. There’s just been no barn-burners or must-hear amazing jams so far. I wouldn’t recommend that any jaded veterans, who only care about top versions, listen to any of the shows so far. Sure, the Blossum BDTNL was strong, and certainly gives hope for the future, but it wasn’t as smooth improvisationally as it could have been. It doesn’t hold a candle imo to even the Camden Tweezer from last summer, much less the Albany 7BelowGhost from last Fall. And the Hershey YEM jam segment features everyone feeding off of eachother in a great way, so great that it’s arguably the best YEM of 3.0 aside from MSG. But it’s not a highly recommendable version imo. There just hasn’t been anything yet that approaches the majesty of the best jams of 2009. I say that still having enjoyed everything so far, especially the Limb by Limb from Chicago — which actually was unique in Phish history given its vocal jam, and the jam segment of which is up there with the finest versions. I also liked the Light and Ghost from Chicago, even though the Ghost isn’t a “top version” or anything. Two cents.

  18. “is not fully interested in the improvisational part of the song, he mails it in so he can just get to Let Me Lie or whatever song he can get note perfect”

    -haven’t listened to this summer yet, huh?

    last year, i’d agree. this summer has shown a different side–reminiscent of their old (1.0) approach to their music. they’re still defining their new sound and working out some kinks, but things are much better so far in ’10.

    I give ’em a B+, mostly because direction has become part of the game again.

  19. I gave the band a B overall. I did Blossom, Hershey, and Portsmouth and had the time of my life. The band are playing with real conviction, energy, and focus. They are listening to one another well. The setlists are, for the most part, compelling and much less predictable than last year. And the jams are patient, even if they are shorter than those of, say, 98 and 99. All in all, I’d say that they are light years beyond where they were last summer.

    The one big drag — the one HUGE drag — is Trey’s over-reliance on the Whale Call. Used sparingly and in the right spots, this is a neat effect; used elsewhere it sounds both awkward and ugly. Unfortunately, Trey seems to use it in almost every single song, and it ruins almost all of them for me. I f***ing hate that sound; I really do. Fall ’09 and NYE he seemed to have worked it out of his system, so it’s completely demoralizing to hear it even more now than last summer. Even if I dug the sound, I’d still say it’s a musical crutch and that it makes every jam sound predictable, but I don’t like it. Truthfully, I give Fish and Mike an A, Page a B+, and Trey a C for that awful bloody pedal. Enough with the freaking WHALE CALL [email protected]!

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