Video: PS 261 Third Graders – Let Me Lie

Some of you may have caught this video on PT the other day, but you have to see this if not. Two of my favorite people in the world, Scott Howard and Jessica Rajotte, brought Scottie’s third grade class on stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) during their wedding ceremony on June 5th to belt out the class’ favorite song, Phish’s Let Me Lie. Backed by Mike Smeenk, Todd Eschenburg, Steve Tatowicz, Ben Smith, David Kivisaari, Randy Dunn, and John Embree (otherwise known as Bridal Maiden),  the third graders capped off an amazingly beautiful ceremony. Congratulations Scottie and Jessica. Hidden track loves ya.

And before you go, get a load of Bridal Maiden serenading the little lady with a mean Loving Cup.

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