Boot Camp: Updates to the Wilco Archive

owl and bear’s extensive Live Wilco Archive is the best source for high-quality audio recordings featuring every single incarnation of the band from Wilco’s first show in 1994 up ’til the last few months. Updates to the archive have been infrequent in 2010, but the team behind the collection are making up for lost time this month by posting a fresh batch of shows to archive each Friday in June. Last Friday’s update includes a killer Tweedy solo show from 2002, a fun ’05 gig from Nottingham and two different sources of an April performance at Lupo’s in Providence.

All shows are available in FLAC format, so if you’re an MP3 aficionado you’ll need to do the converting yourself. Now, here are six outstanding boots from the LWA that every Wilco fan needs to hear…

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3 thoughts on “Boot Camp: Updates to the Wilco Archive

  1. gary Reply

    I’m stumped: how do you download an entire show off the Archive? I can only see to do it track by track.

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Gary, I use Down Them All – a Firefox extension which allows you to select every downloadable file on a page.

  3. gary Reply

    Thanks for the tip and link Scott, got them going now.

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