Stormy Mondays: Here Comes Furthur

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Phish opened summer tour a few weeks back, but it’s time to move on to something new: Furthur opens its summer tour this week, and to celebrate this week’s Stormy Mondays is the complete Blues for Allah set from the recent Further Fest out on the left coast.

Certainly the most Deadzy of the post-GD bands, far more so than Ratdog or any of Phil’s multitudinous projects, Furthur is also a band that has made huge strides in terms of ease, flow and musical sophistication in the last nine months. Sure two of the band members have played together for nearly fifty years, and another two have a decade under their belts, but still… Furthur promises to thrill and delight all summer long. Both the recording and the performance on this set are stunning, so enjoy, and remember, the music never stopped.

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