Grousing The Aisle: God Street Wine does Spinal Tap in Chicago – 10/31/1998

God Street Wine: Spinal Tap Set – 10/31/1998 [stream] [download]

God Street Wine turned it up to 11 on a Halloween night in 1998 when they took the stage of Chicago’s House of Blues as the one and only Spinal Tap. GSW kicked off the night with a rousing Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight and continued to Tap into the Halloweeen spirit as they delivered such timeless classics as Hell Hole, Big Bottom and a roof raising closer of Stonehenge.

No midgets, artifacts or drummers were injured during the set of this fantastic show! This is one to be heard without a doubt. Yet another reminder of just why God Street Wine was one of the best and most fun live shows you could ever catch. Enjoy this one!

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