Phish @ Alpharetta – Night 2: Setlist & Recap

Once again, Mike’s was kept short – clocking in at six minutes, but when the band segued into only the third Tela since 1998 (though second in five shows) no one cared. After Tela kept the ballad slot safe and secure, the four members of Phish sang the “Oom-Pah-Pah” refrain that signals the start of Harpua. While Forbin’s > Mockingbird didn’t contain a story, Trey gave an off-the-cuff narration in which he warned that history books and “alternate” history books are filled with lies and that the actual history of the country has been told through Phish songs. Red then mentioned that the only band who “won’t bullshit you” and whose lyrics you could trust are Phish and “this band” before launching into a Fishman-sang cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name.

Phish couldn’t end Jukebox Tour II without another random cover could they? As you can see in the video at the top of this post, the crowd flipped the fuck out during the Rage cover. Killing In The Name came to a cacophonous ending that led into the rest of Harpua. Weekapaug and the First Tube encore gave Trey two more chances to lean into his solos before calling it a night.

Last night’s tour closer put an exclamation point on what has not only been an extremely successful tour, but an important tour that has displayed the heights of which this band is still capable of scaling. You still have no idea what to expect when entering a Phish show on any given night – just the way fans like it. Phish returns for the second leg of Summer Tour on August 5th at the Greek in Berkeley, CA. Keep your eyes on HT this week for a few tour recaps and our popular Number Line: Summer Tour By The Numbers piece.

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  1. Looks like a great one, can’t wait to listen. Scotty, guest tweeter was painful… very little in the way of useful updates, very much in the way of masturbation innuendo.

  2. A clasiic show on ALL accounts. The first set was high energy and as tight as they get. Then Harpua’s story with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE was chilling. These guys are back and as good as they ever were. Thanx for a great July 4 weekend!

  3. Yeah, another level in the history of Phish.

    On the Yemblog note, definatley need to make sure that jerks are not on the guest blog.

  4. scotty, night 1 or 2 of the greek, i’m in. wish i could have done last night……………oh well. sidenote: i can’t believe it’s 20 degrees cooler in ATL over NYC right now.

  5. Reminded, once again, why I continue to follow this band. Incredible show. Incredible weekend.

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