HT Giveaway: Camp Bisco 9 Contest, Pt. 3

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We’re less than two weeks away from what looks to be the biggest and best Camp Bisco yet, as Camp Bisco 9 runs from July 15 – 17 at Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, NY. Besides three heaping helpings of Bisco, festival attendees can look forward to sets from HT faves LCD Soundsystem, Ween and Pretty Lights along with performances from Girl Talk, Thievery Corporation and Wu Massacre (Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon).

Tickets for Camp Bisco 9 are still available for $155 per three-day pass. We’ve got a pair of three-day passes to giveaway to CB9 as part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program. Each day we’ll ask a question about Camp Bisco. To enter, simply leave your answer to that day’s question in the comments section at the bottom of each Camp Bisco 9 Giveaway post and on our Facebook page. You can answer each question on BOTH our Facebook page and in the comments section. We’ll ask a total of five questions – one each day – this week, so you can enter up to 10 times.

Here are the rules for our Camp Bisco 9 Giveaway…

  • To enter, leave a comment below or on our Facebook wall telling us which previous Camp Bisco was your favorite and why?
  • Your comment must be left by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, July 10
  • You can only submit one comment and one Facebok wall post per question. Don’t be greedy.
  • Winner will be selected at random from all entries to all five questions
  • Winner receives one pair of two (2) three-day passes to Camp Bisco 9

Today’s question is which previous Camp Bisco was your favorite?

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40 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Camp Bisco 9 Contest, Pt. 3

  1. steve Reply

    Camp Bisco 3… It was my first. And it was super small. Real good vibe. Great shows, great spot in pa.

  2. Vin Reply

    Camp Bisco 7 – my first and only. Looking for my second round this year, provided by Hidden Tracks.

  3. DRC Reply


  4. Dennis Reply

    Camp Bisco 8. It was my first. Cant wait for 9.

  5. rory bedell Reply

    camp bisco 9 would be my first, listening to camp 8 saturday set right now though

  6. Katie Reply

    camp 8 since it was my first

  7. Jamie Reply

    Camp 7 was amazing. some of the best sets i’ve heard the Biscuits throw down ever.

  8. John Reply

    8-17-07 Is my favorite day at Camp that I have been to. Camp Bisco II is my favorite to listen to!

  9. Sendmetocamp Reply

    Last year was my favorite it was my 1st and i got to dance late night to shpongle life is good!

  10. Matt Reply

    My fav camP would have to camp 8 the experience for me infitnarly progresses

  11. Greg G Reply

    camp 8 was my first and it was the bomb

  12. luke Reply

    im gonna go with 8

  13. mike i Reply

    #7!! Good music, and even better great times with so many friends!

  14. dankism Reply


  15. Mason Reply

    I think I’d have to say Camp 6, mainly because of the music…..I thought they played well that camp, and had some great surprises for us! The Strawberry Girl Fakeout, Papercut drop into Sound 1 and the surprise afternoon Biscuit Set were all great highlights I will never forget. And more importantly I was with almost all of my best friends for that Camp and it was such a blast (as it always is), I’ll always remember being with our huge crew when they finally broke out Sound 1 and we were all just going crazy and having a blast, thats what its all about! Camp that is! haha

  16. Corry Reply

    My favorite Camp Bisco was Camp V. It was my first Camp and it was when I first realized that the Biscuits were going to be fine moving forward with Allen. The second set from 8/25/06 is still one of my favorite 2.0 sets and I still listen to it regularly.

  17. Michael Jakubowski Reply

    Camp 6 the 1st I attended. Astro->Munchkin->Astro

  18. Tyler Reply

    Camp 7

  19. Kevin Stevenson Reply

    im gunna go with camp IX because i won a free ticket to it…

    really though, camp VIII was unreal

  20. Sarah K Reply

    camp bisco 6, my first one! i hooked up on camp bisco since then.

  21. Chris Reply

    Camp 8 was my first

  22. mike Reply


  23. lope Reply

    6 and 7 were a blast. ILCC for the win

  24. Aaron Zarabi Reply

    never been to camp, but there are some tasty jams in camp bisco 8

  25. colby Reply

    camp six, it was my little brother first festival and i was glad to take him to it.

  26. John P. Reply

    hmm although my first camp was really awesome, i gotta say my favorite one was CB4.

  27. Dave DiCianni Reply

    CB6 my first camp

  28. Matt Reply

    The one where it didn’t rain.

  29. J Woo Reply

    Camp 7!…(Followed closely by Camp 4)

  30. Jennifer Reply

    Camp 5

  31. frank Reply

    camp 4, i loved the woods

  32. Lee Reply

    Camp 6

  33. Felicia Reply

    Camp 4

  34. Katie Reply

    camp 6 because I we meet some awesome people to party with and are still raging with them today! and the music was on point daft rock and the join was amazing! and the weather was not all that bad.

  35. Jessica Reply

    8 )

  36. Dave K Reply

    Camp 7 -DB>Masterkraft>DB>The New Deal -Wow!!!

  37. jordan Reply

    Starscape 2008!

  38. nicholas obert Reply

    I said 2006 before..but now i’m leaning towards 2000 just because i happen to be listening to it while my bonedog heaves with excitement.

    what a unique show. Shelby ooooh-weeeRose.

  39. Shaina Morales Reply

    BISCO 8! i loved the lineup!

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