Phish Summer Tour Survey: Results

Show of Life looks like it is on lots of peoples’ wish lists to hear again. It’s clearly a great song and a great vehicle to take in lots of different directions for the band. The good news too: all the other songs had a decent amount of fan interest, including Summer of ‘89 which I was afraid may not garner any votes at all. I voted for Show of Life myself, but Dr. Gabel was a close second. Amazing, out of of 950 votes, Dr. Gabel & Halfway to the Moon were as close as two votes, and Idea and Summer of ‘89 were separated by only five votes.  Tons of potential in lots of these songs.

Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues & Fuck Your Face. Wow.

Let’s leave this one as a tie. Likely no one in Charlotte had ever heard Fuck Your Face live before. And many likely did not have a  clue of what a historic song they were listening to. Likewise, probably not too many had heard Alumni> Letter > Alumni either. What an absolute treat both of those were. Alumni Blues is quintessential Phish, a song that perfectly displays their quirkiness and style as a band, sandwiched in with a ‘Letter’ made for a fantastic bust-out.

Although Sanity was played in 2009, clearly it thrilled close to 5% of the respondents, beating out Time Loves a Hero, which had not been heard since New Year’s Eve in 2002. Likewise, double the respondents were happier to have heard Walfredo than Have Mercy which had been absent for a longer period.

Funny…try to predict which shows will be the best before the tour begins & it is usually off the mark. Although now, it seems like a fairly decent bet to put your money on Camden as that venue continues to shine. The shows that have been pre-ordained as the ‘Sleeper’ or the ‘Must See’ don’t typically pan out: just as last year. If this survey was taken before tour, I think we’d see most of the votes gettting tossed at CMAC or nTelos. Yet, CMAC returned a paltry 14 votes and nTelos with a dismal 0% of the vote (2).

The top show is Merriweather II but Camden II and Alpharetta II certainly pleased many a fan. And for God’s sake Phish, can’t Mansfield get a few more legendary shows in Mike’s backyard or is that all saved for Jersey and Trey & Page’s home state? Barring 07-08-1994, can’t really recall any other must listen to shows from there.

Well not too much to say here. In the biggest lopsided victory by far, Monkey > Double ‘Tweeprise takes the cake hands down. Clearly the band was having a blast & enjoyed the whole Tweezer incident. I tried to explain it to a non-fan. “Let me get this straight” he said, “People were excited to hear the same song twice in a row. And then repeated the next night? I don’t get it”. Epic energy blowing off the stage that night in Hartford.

Other votes: First Tube, Alpharetta; Cavern, Julius, Chicago; Boogie On, Raleigh (Ten votes).

Another one added: ‘Encores were not that great this tour’.

Alumni > Letter > Alumni gets another well deserved victory. That being said, Tweezer Reprise certainly stoked many people as well to start a show. It was great to hear Walfredo but if we were to deduct points for sloppiness, it would have lost quite a few points. Regardless, it was a great opener as were so many of the other choices. Character Zero, having never opened a first set, garnered less than 50 votes. Then again, there was stiff competition with all the other stellar show openers.

Alpharetta II Mikes… 341
Camden II 2nd Set 202
Double Tweeprise 244
Fuck Your Face  79
Other   69

In a tour with many memorable moments, a few stood out. The Camden second set foolishness, the energy with double reprise and the complete greatness that was Alpharetta II Second Set. The question’s intent was just as it said: Most Memorable. Several respondees pointed out that there were far better played segues and jams. I completely agree, but these moments seemed to top the list of things that will be ingrained in people’s minds when they think back to the Summer of ‘89 Summer of 2010. Overall winner: Alpharetta II.

Well there you have it fans!

Lots of great stuff in June and early July. Let’s hope August builds on this great momentum.

We’ve got one more question to ask. Twice this tour, Hidden Track has asked its readers to grade the band’s performance. Now that Leg One is in the books, we’d like you to evaluate the tour once more…

At the end of the survey was space for respondees to add a comment about the tour or the poll. Here’s every comment received…

Thank God they are back. bring on deer creek and alpine

over 300 shows, and I love it more than ever

They seem to have set out to break old habits and get us guessing again. Success.

I wish the energy/bustouts were more evenly spread out. They know what makes an epic show but don’t always seem to put forth the effort. Whatev, I still love ’em, and with my luck JB2 (the only one somewhat possible for me to hit) will consist of another Dr. Gable and maybe 2 antelopes in the same show. Yes I know this hoers has been beat up and abused but Greatwoods was my last show then came the epic south run. Oh well. Gotta catch them all.


Bringin out the Lumber

“Im biased cuz i just got back from tonights show but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST what a show…i could go on and on but hungry:


“I just got back from an amazing night in Alpharetta. I was lucky enough to catch the entire Southern run. I thought there was no way Charlotte could be topped…but I was wrong! 7/3 was amazing and tonight…speechless…on paper it looks amazing and it was beyond that. Words can’t describe what happened this evening. It was an unbelievably special night for me.

I made a sign last night for Forbins thinking maybe we’d get it tonight(see Fuck Your Face sign from Raleigh) and we get it in the first set…amazing.

I traded 3 Greek tickets to get a few friends into the show tonight. One had never seen them before…mind blown. I still cannot believe what went down tonight. They played their asses off. No encore was necessary but they come out and rip the hell out of First Tube.

I hope everyone that was there had a great time. I didn’t think there was any way they’d top Charlotte but they are Phish…and this it’s nights like tonight that make this band so special. I’ve seen a fair share of shows and had never seen a Forbins, Harpua, McGrupp, Sanity, Destiny Unbound and had only once seen a Camel Walk and Tela before this run in the FILTHY south. There’s no adjective that I can use that can accurately describe how special this night/run was for me.

Amazing, amazing, amazing stuff.”

Wishin’ I was Phishin!!

HOLY BALLS JULY 4TH WAS A BLAAAAAAAAAAAAST (literally, there were fireworks in the show)

Facemelter. The Greek->Telluride is gonna whip the llama’s ass!

We are very lucky Trey is H&H. Nothing else needs to be said.

Bring on leg2

this ‘summer of covers’ is better than ’98 !

If the first leg was this good, I can’t wait to hear the second leg!!!

Looks and sounds like the boys are havin fun again and thats what PHISH is all about!!! I only wish I were 22 again so i could quit my job and go on tour!!!

The boys are really back this time. Killing it every night!


Don’t overlook Chicago! Most well played tour opener i’ve been a part of.


Hung out with FIshman’s dad.

“i’m doing this as hard as i can”

Both the overall consistency AND the overall caliber of playing has definitely been raised. Glad I caught 3 of them, happier that I’m gonna catch 8/11 shows in August

Much epicness

Lots of improvement from chicago to Alpharetta

This tour is great, The people hatting on shows either where not there or must just suck at music. You can really tell that the band is loving it right now, and I can’t wait for leg 2!

phuck yea!

Counting days till alpine

Lose the whale, keep the wail.

best jams – MPP2 Piper, Camden 2 Chalkdust

trey needs to practice some more

Please!!! More Jams!!!

“best tour showing since ’99.

the boys are healthy, in-sync, and each has stepped up thier game.

page; goin’ straight off with sickness night after night…mashing funky notes and feeding off (IMO) mike’s energy and notes.and thank God that trey is healthy, happy, and in control – our composer is back and ALL of them are making our lives intense again.

we can celebrate life at these shows…in ’03 – ’04…i felt nothing.

they are finally back and it feels like they are here to stay and they are telling us that with the energy, love, time and thought put into this summer and last”

u r gay (My note: KYS)

wish I could do the whole tour!!!! wish I was 20 years younger.

Idea is awesome and so is mike. Trey needs to be more creative and shut the fuck up with his noodling, still love him though.

Simply: Stunning! Great first leg. If this is just the warm up, can’t wait to hear what’s brewing for August!

hell yeah….Phish is back with a vengeance!

Trey and Phish have always known what the die-hards wanted to see setlist-wise and delivered in a big way this tour. With no album to promote and vibes high, the band put tons of thought into each setlist which those who have seen tons of shows certainly appreciate. Now, we just need more extensive jams to put Phish 2010 up with the best years in the band’s history. – Scott Bernstein @YEMblog

Too much random updating going on during songs. Needs to be more cohesive, otherwise it is a great treat.

Like the revisit to the early 90’s style of phish ala more composed and concise prog rock. But I miss the Jamz

i heart phishBlossom BDTNL!!!! FTW

“Variety: A

Setlist construction: A

Musicianship: A- (Mike A, Fish A, Trey A- (composed B, soloing A+), Page B-)

Jamming: B+ (Trey could listen even more, but I like how they don’t let things get stale)

New material: B (new covers, B+, new originals B-, Summer of 89 ugh)

Overall: does anyone have a Berkeley extra pretty please? Way better than last June and Camden to Alpharetta is up to the level of the Western shows last year.

“Awesome first leg -pH is back on top!

Fishman has reuturned in all his glory -thank you”

This band is good

From the arena rockin’ Tweezer Reprises , to the Spac Makisupa , over to the flawless Carini > Fuck Your Face > 2001 , down with the MJ Medley , across the Look Out Cleveland cus there is some Instant Karma , lake front winds of the cMac Mike’s Groove, to the Saw it Again Set at MPP2, and last but not least the 4th of July send off bash until Summer Leg 2. What a way to start off 2010 ! – Myers2112

They aren’t just back, they’re having fun again.

Great first half of summer. HUGE potential for second half.

It is amazing to have them back, enjoy it now. Can’t I live while I’m young?

Good survey.

Full of highlights. Jams, Bustouts, Hilarious moments, Timely covers.



Saw Camden > MPP and couldn’t have been more shock’d and awe’d”

“You have way too many arrows in that Camden II 2nd set. It didn’t flow like that at all, not even remotely. (My note: Who gives a shit, the idea was obvious and that’s exactly how has the setlist and I think it is close enough)

And that set was no where near as good as the MPP II 2nd set, much less Camden 1 2nd set.

Even though some are complaining that the jams are short, I’ve been having a blast at every show. I hit 100th show at Camden II, and the band delivered. Still, Merriweather II was my most incredible experience of the tour. There were bustouts, intense jams, crazy antics and overall insanity for 90 minutes!

Really happy with the 3 shows I made it to this summer (Toyota, Blossom, and Hershey).

Couch tour has been a blast as well. The boys are on FIRE! Mike is the leg 1 MVP. Fish is upping the ante this year too. What a great time to be a phan!!!! Deer Creek can’t come fast enough!


Brother at SPAC

the PHiSH rule.

I think someone needs to start a petition so that we can get phish to start streaming shows in high quality on a pay-per-view basis or you buy a tour pass. This isn’t exactly the right forum for this suggestion, but I just thought I’d throw it out there. You seem like a get it done kinda guy! 🙂

Thanks for the upload!

“Average 20 songs per show. Feel breakouts are a sorry to ending 2.0, but I’ll take them!! Trey is still the evil King Wilson //(.

They still got it and the new engineering is getting back to where Paul Languduc left off.

Songs DO need to explore more fluidly like the Phenway tweezer > Light.

Can’t wait to hit JB1/2″

I agree that this year is shaping into epic-ness. Very impressed with Phish, once again. My picks are slightly biased according to which shows I went to. Hard to choose among some of those great moments.


Best tour ever, for me!

phish is back!!!”


They are just playing great songs.

Mike, Page and Fish: awesome. Trey: awful. Lay the F off the Whammy pedal, brah.

So happy to see the band and “Real” fans having so much fun. Screw the haters Phish is back. The songs were tight and setlist form was great all tour. Bustout city. Covers like summer 98. Good times. Thanks to all who made it possible.

super good all around.

The amount of requests that Trey took from the crowd shows that they are all having a lot of fun and thankful to be playing!

Phish 2010 is fantastic

No jamz, no thanks.

“camden 1 was def. best show overall – playing, energy, setlist, covers, etc.

cross eyed & painless was the best cover of the tour IMO (not included in your list).

most memorable overall was entire set one camden night 1. that set just kept delivering! (set two was pretty outrageous, too!). even the encore, bug (an original – covers for encores are kind of a letdown, IMO) was the perfect end to a perfect show. ”

most memorable moment MPP night 2 set 2

“trey needs to stop premature “”dejamulating””! you heard it here first! The rest of the band was on fire as always and trey just cut off jams or made shrieking sounds. Someone please hide the whammy pedal.

Overall still a lot of fun. People who are expecting the same band from the mid-90s need to realize that it is 2010, and everything is different. Just go have fun and enjoy the fact that we have our band back! ”

MPP II Set 2: Wilson > Meatstick -> Saw It Again -> Piper > Ghost -> Jumpin’ Jack Flash -> Saw It Again > Contact, You Enjoy Myself

Trey = Game. Stepped. Up.

Rock and Roll


SE was sick, tour was sick. So so glad I made it

Merit Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ Merit Badges!

Kicked ass! Great job– keep up the spontaneity and phun!

Limb by Limb first night. David Bowie and Wolfman’s Brother(fav:MPP) were great all tour. First set 7/3 was an all-time fav 1st set. Love Trey’s Phish-y new whale call style and tone. Now it’s time to turn Page UP in the mix. Caspien>Tweezer>Slave great transitions. CK5 MPP2. Ocelot, Alaska(camden), Stealing Time, Light(6/11, 7/1), Backwards(Blossum) and Dr. Gabel are all songs I want to see more. Mountains In the Mist and Roggae maybe best versions ever. Top 5 Harpua for sure. BBFCFM, Tela and Camel Walk need to stay in the rotation. Fav Tour since Fall ’97.

2010 is already a special year, the year back on track. August is going to be a lot of FUN.

I was at blossom, it was my second show, i have listened to alot of the other shows but i think the blossom show will hold a place in my mind just cause i was there, second set as TONS O FUN, also the Mikes>Groove was sweet first set.

hope to see some of these covers again!

best band ever

Appallingly amazing. Auditory explosions abound. The next leg will be EPIC

Amazing. Can’t wait for more! Mansfield rocked!

sounding great.

i would like to hear more type 2 jamming.

I think they are exceeding expectations and the spirit of the bust outs and covers means to me that theyr comfortable and enthused by what they came back for. Rewind to hampton 09′. Part of each of us was nervous and new it was a risk coming back. That is no one knew if it would be better, or worse than 2.0. All things considered, im so excited by the spirit and energy, and i think we should all consider ourselves lucky that they seem to be gaining steam, rather than playing indistinguishably between different shows.

you rocked me to the core of my soul.

sick bustouts, need to dig deeper into the jamming but potential is there…keep trey healthy… MVP of your? tough to say…strong case for Mike, Page or Fish.


I love this Band

building the foundation again

“the Phish are back!!

Look forward to Leg 2”

Ghost from Chicago most under rated so far. SICK!

southern run ftw!!!


best summer tour since ’76

“Merriweather II was my 10th show. I know it’s not a lot but really fell in love with this band after my first show last summer at Knoxville. I know I haven’t been here long but I can honestly say that last year was great and I think they were feeling their way back into the groove.

I got to see last year’s Hartford show which was very special, but it seems like 4 nights out of 5 on this first leg were special nights. So many bust-outs and their playing is great.

I’ve never been addicted to a band the way I am to Phish. I spent most nights on Twitter and UStream because I just wanted to see where they would go. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do on the second leg. But this first leg has been an advanced course in Phish when last summer was the 101 course. ”

Didn’t attend any shows, but listened to all of them. Some awesome moments caught on tape. Bust-out crazy! Can’t wait to attend the Greek shows. 🙂

“Great, great tour. They most have played over 170 unique songs this tour, which is astounding over, what..15 shows? Amazing.

Mike and Page sounded wonderful this tour. Mike especially was louder than he was all last year. While Phish returned to the stage in 2009, they came all the way back on this tour!”

what’s up their sleeve for August..Jesus Christ they certainly tried to pull out all the stops on this tour…clearly trying to please the fans….I’m glad theya re my band.

Absolutely loved the southern leg of tour

PHISH IS BACK IN A BIG WAY!! Last 4 shows of the tour were the absolute fire.

“Walk Away” at Hartford was better than any of the covers noted above, IMHO.

Love the mini-jams and Trey laying out some is always good for the band.

This band is genius. They thoughtfully planned out every show of the tour, and I seriously think that they knew when they would play each “”bustout”” by drawing a map of what they’d play at each show.

This happened to screw up some jams, such as in Sand–>Horse, but all in all, I think it worked, and that everyone saw something “”special”” this leg.”

i don’t know how precise they really are and the jams are lacking but it was a great, fun tour. very excited for deer creek.


End of the tour showed them getting a lot of flow back in their sets, love Trey’s tone.

Great Summer Tour sop far!

As it stands now, best tour since summer ’98. If they keep it up on the second leg, best since fall ’97.

On fire as of late.


Wish they would have saved some of the chaos for the west coast!!

“I’ll never catch Forbin’s ever”

Way better than expected

i’m making a soup, adding segues and jams & inspired playing from Merriweather II, dash of electricity from Hartford II encore, some original spice a la Dr. Gabel seasoning, random stuff that I haven’t used in 20 years, and a little love. Will be serving in August….stick around for samples……I know it will be delicious!

Chris Kuroda is ruining Phish! The guy is a psycho on lights and it is ruining the band and how they Jam.

The Band is better then ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely mind shattering.

bummed I didn’t catch more shows? lol – BadJustin

“Most Memorable moment is a tie…

Alpharetta II: Mike’s Song > Tela, Harpua > Killing in the Name > Harpua > Weekapaug Groove

Entire Second Set Camden II: Chalk Dust Torture > Prince Caspian > Heavy Things > Alaska -> Also Sprach Zarathustra -> Billie Jean Jam -> Also Sprach Zarathustra > Light -> Possum > Character Zero”

Loving 3.0!

this band brings the fire.

Seeing Alumni>LTJP>Alumni may be the hightlight of my 17 year career with this band. Sick tour!!!


Can’t wait for leg two.

Camden 2001!

SPAC II had the bet first set! Sleep Again was another great bustout, which occurred in that set. The Roggae, also from that set, was the only one this tour and was the most jammed-out ever! The jam at the end of Steep, from SPAC II was also unique and beautiful.

What a beautiful buzz . . . only seen about 30 sets starting with the reunion in Hampton, caught 4 shows this leg, and it was the best I’ve ever seen them.

Phish loves the SOUTH!!!!!

It is great to see the band playing and having fun with crowd. So excited to be a phan and see them back on top!

I was on couch tour so far, I’ve been seeing them since 96 and I haven’t seen them since coventry, and we all know what a let down that was. I purposely skipped seeing them last summer 1.) Because my wife was due in the beginning of July and 2.) I knew they’d need some time to “dust off those rusty strings just one more time.” But after listening to all of this tour and streaming some shows I have got just this to say, WOW! You can really tell they’re having fun again. I only have ‘permission’ to go to one show and it’ll be alpine II. I am really looking forward to it once again! Thanks phish!

very nice.

The band is clearly getting there……

I fucking love Phish!

fuck your face

Haters can hate… but this tour sounds good.

“phish sux

mike gordon & the tweeprise quartet 4 lyfe”

Just amazing. Had a new “favorite show ever” every few nights this summer (so far)! It’s a good thing!

I feel like the setlists were designed well for people following the entire tour (or lots of it, or all of it via Minor’s No Spoliers like me). There were a crazy amount of songs only played once making almost every show have a unique song not heard during the others. Covers, bust-outs, special “once a year” type tunes like Harpua.

wish i went to georgia

Much better than last year. More tight and concise jams. Looking forward to leg II. Need more long jams though.

MPP 2 was the best show Phish has played since 1999 or 2000, IMHO.

Stop aborting jams Trey. ktnxbai

High Quality

best tour since summer 98

Phish has proven that their best music could still be ahead of them.

so fuckin good…keep it coming boys

has anyone seen my face? i think it melted somewhere along the east coast…

Really made an effort to dive deep into the catalog.

they’re back, for real

Smokin. Simply smokin. That’s all I can say about that. Can’t wait for 2nd leg!!!

Love the Killing in the Name.

Mike fucked my face in NC.

You missed the best bust out – Roses Are Free

The fireworks in the parking lot in Alpharetta after the July 4th show were out of control. Cops just standing there looking around not doing shit. Got to love it. Looked like the scene from apocolypse now.

Wow!!! It’s getting better all the time,as the Beatles once said.

Devil’s Advocate Note: Still need to work on the segues. Awesome that they are doing this, but a little more patience from Trey would go a long way.

Best run of shows since summer 98


Phish 3.0 just gets better and better

Phish is back, Phish is on fire, and that is a beautiful thing. But why leave thousands of us hanging in Atlanta on the holiday weekend? There’s a venue right down the road with 8,000 more seats and its own Phishy history. There were so many hands in the air on lot. Hands filled with cash, hands filled with hope and love. It was sad to see so many people shut out, but great that the hills were filled with heads regardless.

“Honestly I thought last fall was a stronger tour with more interesting jams. That said I had a blast at the 6 I saw (Hartford, SPAC, GW, CMAC) and can’t wait for August.

I think CMAC is way under rated probably because it didn’t have any flashy bustouts and an average looking setlist. Yet the playing is dialed in from start to finish and the venue has got to be one of the best in the NE. A must stop for me now. ”

“While I was at both Charlotte and Camden II, I think the Camden II holds up for Holy Shit moments with the Alumni>Letter>Alumni and the whole 2001 jam. The Fuck Your Face was crazy, but more along the lines of everyone hitting their smartphones to try to figure when the hell they last played it. That being said, great, great first leg. ”

“Saw both Hartfords And both Saratogas had a blast at both =)

Seems like one of the most fun tours they have ever played!

Good times in the south—can’t wait for T-Ride! Want to see some variation on second set openers..

I was front row Jon side for Hartford II. I waved to Trey as they came out for the first set. He waved back. Showed him by my T-shirt that I was representing UVM. He gave me a thumbs up!

I’ve only been on couch tour so far, hoping to get to Deer Creek in 2nd Leg, but this leg has been awesome! So many crazy bustouts, awesome jams, and great sets, it makes it so clear that Phish is back, and just as good, if not better, than ever. I can’t wait to see what the band does next, and I’m sure the future of Phish will be purely amazing.

may need to get to a couple more shows in August than I planned on

“overall tour: A-

Variety: A+

Jamming: B-

Covers: A

Bustouts: A+”

Bless the people with the Skin It Back signs. If they bust that out and I’m not there, I’ll never forgive myself. Which means I guess I have to hit Deer Creek & Alpine along with Jones Beach.

Fuck cops and wooks

Great job yemblog. I love the commentary and ability to follow the thoughtful energy and insight on the twitter feed. So sad to see whomever owned the last night. They either had too much to drink or took too much of something to handle. I know from the scene that we rely on your feed for more in depth commentary on the show then phish-ftr gives and we’re all sorry to see one jackass moondart ruin that. They should apologize to you first and the scene next for their behavior. Anyways looking fwd to what’s in store for 2nd half.



Good setlists/playing. Once jams really return, it will be straight heat.

“Dark horse of the tour: Tweezer from MPP 1. Probably the dirtiest Tweezer of 3.0, and yet nobody talks about it because it was overshadowed by the following show (though IMO it was better than anything from MPP 2).

Best set of the tour: Camden 2 set 2, without question.”

love it large

The most enjoyable cover was the hardest question – I went with Instant Karma! but I was suuuuper close to choosing Jumping Jack Flash.

not a very good tour…jams all sounded the same…but i’m sure leg 2 will rock

An amazing four night run that concluded the way that many imagined, absolutely mind blowing!





Loving it.

they’re definitely playing better than summer 2009.

Felt the band got better every show. The Camden II chalkdust needs mentioning. First real type II jam and the only improvised song over 15 minutes (didn’t fact check that one, pure memory).

MVP of your? tough to say…strong case for Mike, Page or Fish.

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7 Responses

  1. I think it’s safe to say that 3.0 Twenty-Ten has really stood out for its bust outs…but after listening to the entire tour a couple times through, It’s also safe to say Mike’s Song is back!

    Following a rather dormant/stagnant Oh-Nine Tour for Mike’s Song, this run really delved back into some 95-99 experimental Mike jams. Phish also put some nice twists on the Mikes>Hydro>Weekapaugh moments in Twenty-Ten.

    Trey saying “Mike says No.” and then his apologetic intro into Mike’s Song has become cliché.

    But in this case, this tour, I think it’s official: “Mike Says YES!”

  2. Im super sad I missed Camden II, had a ticket lined up but no ride. They made up for it in a big way at MPP II. Totally should have plunged into the void and trucked on down to ATL from Charlotte to try and find a ticket for 7/4 and now I’m kicking myself for not.

    Favorite jams I caught this tour: Piper(6/27), Light(7/1) Favorite moments: MPP2 Entire 2nd Set; Lizards, Carini> Fuck Your Face > 2001 (7/2)

    As you can see by the results of the poll, regarding sleeper shows and the like. Never miss a Sunday show: Hersey (newest song played Jibboo from ’99), SPAC II(only Frankenstein of 1st leg), MPP II, Alpharetta II.

    The Friday shows didnt do so bad either: Toyota Park(only Maze of 1st leg), Hartford II(2x Tweeprise), Camden II, Charlotte

    Dont know if this means anything, just pointing it out…

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