Grousing The Aisles: Crosby & Nash ’74

Crosby & Nash – San Francisco 12/14/1974 [zip file]

In my opinion, Crosby & Nash shows can sometimes be absolutely untouchable.  Talk about two kindred souls who were meant to perform together.  David Crosby & Graham Nash’s vocals literally complete each other and I challenge anyone to find something that sounds as absolutely beautiful as those two voices together.  It’s like every note hits a nerve in your body causing you to just melt into a fucking dream.

This show from San Francisco in 1974 is a testament to just what kind of magic these two delivered together.  Just two buddies, their guitars and some of the greatest songs ever written.  The opening Deja Vu will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and these guys are just getting warmed up at that point.  It’s really cool to hear the pair do a cool a capella version of What Are Their Names? that totally raises the roof.  It even sounds way more convincing as they go right into Chicago and really bring the house down. Here’s the track list for this recording, which was originally intended for release as a live album…

Intro (0:24)
Deja Vu (6:05)
Lady Of The Island (3:55)
Prison Song (3:40)
Carry Me (4:30)
It’s All Right (2:55)
Another Sleep Song (4:21)
King Of The Mountain (4:21)
Time After Time (4:26)
Guinnevere (6:30)
Fieldworker (4:28)
The Last Whale (4:14)
Wooden Ships (5:32)
What Are Their Names? (0:57)
Chicago (5:06)
Long Time Gone (6:32)
Outro (5:14)

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