The Number Line: Phish Summer Tour, Pt. 1

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23 – Number of Years since last Fuck Your Face
23:34 – Longest Live Phish Track of Tour (YEM – 7/2)
21 – Average Songs Per Show
18 – Total Number of Shows On Tour
18 – Different Openers in 18 Shows
13 – Most Songs in a Set (6/24 set 1, 7/3 set 1)
12 – Different Songs That Opened the Second Set (DwD, Rock and Roll, Drowned, BDTNL, Possum, Wilson, Chalkdust, Mike’s, Carini, Halley’s, Party Time, Light)
11 – Different Songs that Closed the First Set (Jibboo, Antelope, Chalkdust, Cavern, Bowie, Suzy, Golgi, Rover, Stealin Time, Split, Weekapaug)
10 – Covers Debuted (Look Out Cleveland, Instant Karma!, Cold Water, Lit O Bit, The Rover, Free Man in Paris, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, I Am The Walrus, Killing in the Name)
10 – Different Songs that Closed the Second Set (Weekapaug, Loving Cup, YEM, Suzy, Golgi, Tweeprise, Zero, Show of Life, Stealing Time, ADITL)
8 – Cover Song Encores
7 – Fewest Songs in a Set (6/13 set 2)
6 – Multiple Song Encores
6 – Sets w/ No Covers (6/11 set 2, 6/17 set 2, 6/18 set 1, 6/18 set 2, 7/2 set 1, 7/3 set 1)
5 – Originals Debuted (Show of Life, Dr. Gabel, Halfway to the Moon, Summer of 89, Idea)
5 – Most Covers in a Show (6/24, 6/27, 7/1)
5 – YEM Second Set Closers (6/13, 6/20, 6/24, 6/27, 7/2)
4 – Antelope Lyric Changes
4 – Antelope First Set Closers (6/20, 6/22, 6/27, 7/3)
4 – Two Song Encores
4 – Most Covers in a Set (6/24 set 1)
4 – Rock and Roll Second Set Openers (6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7,3)
4 – Tweezer Reprises played on June 19th EDT
2 – Three Song Encores
2 – Songs Debuted From Halloween Album List (Look Out, Cleveland; Cold Water)
1.1 – Percentage chance Phish doesn’t play Hold Your Head Up in 18 shows
1 – Times Brand New Songs: Idea, Dr. Gabel, Halfway To The Moon Were Played
1 – Shows w/ No Covers (6/18)
:55 – Shortest Live Phish Track of Tour (Swept Away – 6/20)

By Album:

9 = Songs Performed From The White Tape (Alumni, LtJP, Antelope, Divided Sky, YEM, Fuck Your Face, Slave, AC/DC Bag, Fluff’s Travels)
7 = Songs From the White Tape Not Performed (He Ent to Bog, And So to Bed, Aftermath, Ingest, N20, Dog Gone Dog, Minkin)

12 = Songs Performed From Junta (All of Disc 1 + Fluffhead, Fluff’s Travels, Contact & Sanity)
2 = Songs From Junta Not Performed (Union Federal, Icculus)

9 = Songs Performed From Lawn Boy (All)
0 = Songs From Lawn Boy Not Performed

8 = Songs Performed From Picture of Nectar (Tweezer, Llama, Tweezer Reprise, Cavern, Poor Heart, Stash, Mango, Chalk Dust)
8 = Songs From PoN Not Performed (Eliza, Faht, Catapult, Magilla, The Landlady, Guelah Papyrus, Manteca, Glide)

10 = Songs Performed From Rift (Rift, My Friend, Sparkle, FEFY, Maze, Horn, The Wedge, It’s Ice, The Horse, Silent)
4 =  Songs From Rift Not Performed (Lengthwise, Mound, All Things Reconsidered, Weigh)

4 = Songs Performed From Hoist (Wolfman’s, Down With Disease, Sample, Julius)
7 = Songs From Hoist Not Performed (Axilla Pt. 2, Riker’s Mailbox, Demand, If I Could,  Scent of a Mule, Dog Faced Boy, Lifeboy)

9 = Songs Performed From Billy Breathes (Waste, Free, Taste, Billy Breathes, Steep, Swept Away, Prince Caspian, Theme, Character Zero)
4 = Songs From Billy Breathes Not Performed (Talk, Train Song, Bliss, CTB)

9 = Songs Performed From Story of the Ghost (Ghost, Birds, Limb By Limb, Roggae, Brian & Robert, Water In The Sky, Wading, Moma, Guyute)
5 = Songs From Story of the Ghost Not Performed (Fikus, End of Session, Meat, Frankie Says, Shafty)

10 = Songs Performed From Farmhouse (Farmhouse, Bug, Twist, Back on the Train, Heavy Things, First Tube, Jibboo, Dirt, Piper, Sand)
3 = Songs From Farmhouse Not Performed (Sleep, Driver, Inlaw)

3 = Songs Performed From Round Room (46 Days, Mexican Cousin, Seven Below)
9 = Songs From Round Room Not Performed (All of These Dreams, Round Room, Mock Song, Waves, Pebbles & Marbles, Anything But Me, Friday, Thunderhead, Walls of the Cave)

5 = Songs Performed From Undermind (Undermind, Crowd Control, The Connection, Army of One, Nothing)
8 = Songs From Undermind Not Performed (Maggie’s Revenge, Scents and Subtle Sounds, Song I Heard The Ocean Sing, Two Versions of Me, Access Me, Tomorrow’s Song, Secret Smile, Grind)

2 = Songs Performed From Party Time (Party Time, Alaska)
9 = Songs From Party Time Not Performed (Windy City, Gone, Liquid Time, In A Misty Glade, Only A Dream, Birdwatcher, Let Me Lie, If I Told You, Splinters of Hail, Can’t Come Back, Shrine, Liquid Time)

9 = Songs Performed From Joy (BDTNL, Joy, 20 Years Later, Kill Devil Falls, Stealing Time, Light, Sugar Shack, Ocelot, TTE)
1 = Song From Joy Not Performed (I Been Around)

Do you have any stats to add to this list? Let us know by leaving a comment and perhaps we’ll do another Number Line piece next week featuring the best responses from our readers.

[Compiled by Andy Kahn, DaveO and Scott Bernstein]

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10 thoughts on “The Number Line: Phish Summer Tour, Pt. 1

  1. Richard Reply

    very interesting. thnx!

  2. Marcus Reply

    1.1 – Percentage chance Phish doesn’t play Hold Your Head Up in 18 show — Boy, did we all dodge a bullet. Thank. God.

  3. the joker Reply

    amazing work, once again!

    pretty sure there were 20,514 orgasms in the crowd during 7/4 Killing In The Name Of. I had 3.

  4. noahz Reply

    Love it!

  5. true fan Reply

    12 songs on farmhouse not 13. driver…

  6. Captain Caspian Reply

    Great job!!!! Thank you

  7. me Reply

    didn’t they play peaches in 09 or 10? MSG perhaps?

  8. me Reply

    never mind, read it wrong. reddit rong.

  9. poss-um Reply

    Very cool, thanks.

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