SCI @ Horning’s Hideout: Update #1

Starting with a mid-afternoon set from the Kyle Hollingsworth Band, the weekend kicked off in style. Kyle’s funky set included a variety of Kyle originals, a Flaming Lips cover and the always inspirational Talking Heads’ cover of the fan favorite Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place). The crowd was eager and thrilled to be back in these wooded confines, and they showed their appreciation with the ovations received after each break in the music. The Chris Berry Trio featuring Michael Kang followed with some inspired world-beat flavor.

The dust kicking picking of an Emmitt-Nershi show was third on the list, which brought some classic bluegrass tunes, some guest collaboration with Keith Moseley joining the band to sing Catfish John and a classic moment that represents the collaborative spirit of the event. Bill Nershi fired the crowd up with his classic group hoot collective cheer, to which Drew Emmitt responded with the Leftover Salmon’s rally cry of “Festiiiiivaaaal!!” Michael Travis and Jason Hann’s EOTO closed things down on the main stage with their electronic beat driven tribal groove. There was something for everyone Starting the festival with each of the band members’ diverse musical tastes, was a perfect way to highlight how SCI’s eclectic sound is built around and in conjunction with each member’s creative differences working in harmony for an even larger sound.

Even with all of that to start off with on the main stage the clear highlight of the night came on the Caldara Side Stage with the Sayers, Schwindt, Watts Trio featuring Eric Krasno for two late night sets. My eyes and ears had a difficult time believing all of the technical mastery coming from the stage. All four of these guys have musical chops that oozes out with their every note. I actually wound up checking out three sets of that funk including the sound check just because I couldn’t get enough. Kyle Hollingsworth and Jans Ingber wound up sitting in the first set for a few tunes including an incredibly tight version of Will It Go Round In Circles. They also tore up a Freedom Jazz Dance that made all booties quiver and shake. This set the musical bar pretty high for the rest of the weekend.

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