Best of Cover Wars: On Your Way Down

Gov’t Mule: Though it’s only been played live a few times, Gov’t Mule included a version of this cover on their live DVD The Deepest End. There is also video of that performance on YouTube, but the levels are a bit hot.

Video Of 12-29-2003 with Sonny Landreth on additional guitar:

Little Feat: Nice old Little Feat recording, with a cool little introduction to the tune. As I mentioned in the intro, they definitely have the most well-known cover. Source: 7-19-1973


Phish: Active in the rotation in the early years (1988 & 89), On Your Way Down disappeared from the stage for over ten years before reappearing for three performances in the 1999 Fall Tour. Since then it has been played two additional times: In Camden 2003 and this past weekend in Albany. Keyboardist Page McConnell handles the lead vocal duties. Source: 11-27-2009


The Radiators: The Radiators are second only to Little Feat for number of versions of this cover on the Live Music Archive. The Radiators have 25 recordings up there to Little Feat’s 59. Source: 8-20-2004


Widespread Panic: Either it’s one of the bigger coincidences in the history of Live Music, or Widespread Panic was having some fun this past weekend when they debuted their cover of On Your Way Down just ONE day after Phish took it off the shelf. As if that wasn’t strange enough, they also debuted a cover of ZZ Top’s Jesus Just Left Chicago, another long-time cover in the Phish repertoire. Source: 11-28-2009


There is already video up:

Zero: Guest vocalist Lauren Miller joins the guys in Zero to share the lead vocal duties. Source: 4-10-1999


I was not expecting to find video of this performance, but when I Google’d Lauren Miller Zero, the video was the first thing that showed up.

Checking in on the most recent version of Cover Wars [two weeks ago], Clare & The Reasons have claimed victory in the Everybody Wants To Rule The World edition. Great band.

Little Feat edged out Phish by less than two percent in the voting on this edition of Cover Wars

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  1. which by the way was released in 1971, and I believe it is the actual original version. of course this was produced by Alan Toussaint. Hidden Track fact checkers???

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