Phish Fall Tour 2010: The Tour Dates and a Look at Each of the Venues

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1st Bank Center

Capacity: 6,500
Synopsis: AEG’s new venue outside of Boulder, the 1st Bank Center opened with a Furthur show on March 5. The small arena has held concerts, sporting events and family shows since opening.

North Charleston Coliseum

Capacity: 14,000
Synopsis: The North Charleston Coliseum opened in 1993 and is part of complex that also holds a smaller theatre and a convention center. Therefore, there are tons of hotels and restaurants located near the arena in a setup that is similar to Hampton. The local airport is extremely close as well making the need for a rental car not essential.

Augusta Civic Center

Capacity: 6,777
Synopsis: This city-owned venue was built in 1973 and holds more conventions and gun shows than rock shows these days.  Over its history, the small arena has held concerts by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, Guns ‘N Roses and the Allman Brothers Band. Augusta is located about two hours into Maine up I-95 from the New Hampshire border.

Utica Memorial Auditorium

Capacity: 5,700
Synopsis: The smallest venue on the tour, the Utica Memorial Auditorium opened in 1960 and was the model for the current Madison Square Garden. The Aud’s other claim to fame is that parts of the movie Slap Shot were filmed there.  While Phish has never played The Aud, Trey Anastasio performed at the venue on November 11, 2005 in a show that was hyped with a “Countdown to Utica” clock on his website. Both Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman sat in with Big Red that night.

Dunkin’ Donuts Center

Capacity: 14,500
Synopsis: Fans that haven’t visited this venue – which was known as the Providence Civic Center at the time – since the last Phish show there in 1999 will hardly recognize the place. First opened in 1972, the mid-sized arena underwent an $80 million renovation in 2005 that included a significantly expanded lobby and concourse, an enclosed pedestrian bridge from the Convention Center, a new LCD video scoreboard, new restaurant, 20 luxury suites, 4 new bathrooms, and all new seats with cupholders in the arena bowl. Both the Providence Bruins (AHL hockey) and Providence Friars (NCAA basketball) call “The Dunk” home.

Mullins Center

Capacity: 10,600
Synopsis: Phish performed at the Mullins Center four times between April ’94 and December ’95 but haven’t been back since. The venue, located on the campus of UMASS-Amherst, opened in 1993 and hosts the UMASS basketball and hockey teams, numerous concerts, family shows, theater shows, and commencements each year.

Verizon Wireless Arena

Capacity: 10,050
Synopsis: “The Verizon” first opened in 2001 and hosts the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL. The venue has seen its share of concerts from the likes of Van Halen, Justin Timberlake, Styx and Bob Dylan as well as many preseason Bruins and Celtics games. Manchester, located approximately one hour from Boston, is the biggest city in Northern New England (ME, VT and NH).

Boardwalk Hall

Capacity: 14,770
Synopsis: The largest and oldest venue on the tour, Boardwalk Hall opened in 1926 and was declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1987. Starting in 1926 the Hall held the Miss America contest each year until 2004. Back in 2001 the venue underwent a $90-million restoration that upped the capacity and focused on preserving elements of the site’s original design. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Police, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna are among the impressive list of artists who have performed at Boardwalk Hall.

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34 thoughts on “Phish Fall Tour 2010: The Tour Dates and a Look at Each of the Venues

  1. tiedyejeremy Reply

    What about the ACL venue?

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    We looked at that when it was first announced, TDJ.

  3. Goffpit_of_NewYork Reply

    5,700 for UTica rivals Syracuse’s On-Center (‘Oh Nine Fall Tour) as the smallest hotbox to see Phish.

    can you say “(Mr.) Completely, the toughest ticket on Fall Tour?”

  4. It'sColdOutWest Reply

    Looks like 2010 is passing a few of us by. Tough tix to get no matter where you live. Us Left Coasters better start saving. Looks like travel is an absolute must for us from here on out. See ya next year Phish! hopefully

  5. enrique plotz Reply

    awesome write up.

    so excited for this tour.

  6. jeff c. Reply

    3 days in my home state – and a halloween show – INCREDIBLE! thanks for being all over this scotty b…

  7. N8T8 Reply

    Geigh. Glad they’re playing shows, but what a clusterfuck of cities/venues for anyone not on the east coast.

    I figured the midwest/south would get screwed, but I also assumed they’d do at least one two-night stand in Cincy or Memphis or St. Louis or Dallas to at least be somewhat accomodating.

    The upshot is that I’ll be saving some money and vacation days, I guess.

  8. Jekra Reply

    This band is unrealistic with it’s fans…to skip all over the US, missing many cities not played in over a year or since the reunion is a slag…they know most people drive to see them…what’s the hurrry to jump from one coast to the next in 15 shows? Why keep tapping the same market over and over…afraid of crappy ticket sales? Play better, stop all the repeats, put down all the boring songs and just concentrate on melting heads…you did it July 1-4, so we know it’s possible!!

  9. Bill H Reply

    where does it say on that they are covering another band’s album? I know it’s expected but where is the proof?

  10. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @ Bill H – I changed the wording to “likely” pretty soon after the post went live. Awaiting confirmation about 3-sets and the musical costume. All the press release references is a “special Halloween show.”

  11. bj Reply

    I wonder when the last time was they did a tour with such small venues?

  12. Conbot5000 Reply

    You wooks should just let Phish do whatever they want, sorry they’re making it difficult for you to see every single show

  13. Bill H Reply

    Cool, thanks, for some odd reason I don’t think they will be doing a musical costume this year but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Seems like if they were to do it, it would be in the press release, right?

  14. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @Bill H. – I can’t imagine they wouldn’t cover an album. Here’s what I’m thinking – they announce details of the Halloween show and do another “mini-site” where they kill off albums like last year or something similar. I hope to get an answer on this soon, but the fact that tickets are the same price on this night is NOT a good sign.

  15. N8T8 Reply

    they’ll announce the halloween show when they announce leg II across the midwest/south in nov/dec and NYE. right? right, guys?

  16. Panda Reply

    were tix typically higher cost for Halloween shows in the past?

  17. liffy Reply

    Oysterhead also played the Utica Mem Aud in 01. Kind of a crappy venue. Sounded horrible. Plus, it’s in Utica…

  18. Bill H Reply

    It just seems odd that they didn’t announce a musical costume with the tour dates. When have they ever made it a mystery that they were covering an album . . . never! I would love to fly out for this show but wont book my flight until I know for sure they’re doing an album.

  19. Guyute Reply

    Can’t wait!!

  20. slopscraper Reply

    Lighting a candle for a Madison-Chicago Thanksgiving run. A little wishful thinking never hurt…



  22. liffy Reply

    don’t be fooled by the “free” mp3 dls, they just increased the ticket price by the cost of an mp3 dl. So sneaky those phish.

  23. DK Reply

    Looking forward to getting drunk in AC and accidentally gambling away all my traveling home money.

    *shakes his fist at donald trump*

  24. Goff_Weaver Reply

    my assessment of the phi$h ticket price increase:

    a) Many bands woulda looked at their proprietary & immediate live show download service and said, “Wow Bob, have you seen these recent post-show download numbers? I think we’re getting hosed by these illegal downloading / DL swapping hippies; Let’s jack the price of tix on those MoFo’s to make up for it.


    b) Phish says, “Hey Rainbow…Instead of just jacking the ticket price on our phans to make up for the most recent lost livephish download revenue, let’s just give our phans the live show recording with our ‘once-in-every-half decade ticket price increase’?

    I’ll take B.

    (much props to Brad Serling)

  25. Corey Reply

    also, my $.02 … 10 extra bucks for a more intimate setting is worth it in my mind

    beats sitting a mile away in the wachovia center next to some waste-oid screaming throughout the “slave.” (after shelling out 15 bucks to park!)

  26. The Furry Thug Reply

    Sort of bummed about the continued lack of west coast dates…c’mon guys…you have fans everywhere you know!!! Oh well, I guess that I’ll make it back to the scene of my phirst show, though…North Charleston Coliseum…at least this should be a fairly easy ticket (free?….pick up off of ground!?!)!!!

  27. Bouch Reply

    No love for the West Coast AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Come on guys.

  28. johnholmes Reply

    Phish playing more shows right where they belong! Suck it, West Coast!!

  29. William Breathes Reply

    Tounge punch my fart box

  30. Hetti Reply

    Lack of west coast dates?? They just played the mother fucking Greek Theater in Berkeley. Stop the useless whining.

  31. mike Reply

    Trey Actually played the Stanley Theater in Utica and not the AUD on 11/11/05. I got married the next day and never got a chance to go! Bummer!

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