Phish Jones Beach Jumper Arraigned

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Luke Duplessis, the 30-year-old Phish fan who jumped off the highest level at the summer tour closer in Wantagh, NY last week better find a way to keep the soap in his hands. The Old Town, ME resident, who put his fellow fans at risk with his extremely stupid act, turned himself in to cops and  is currently awaiting arraignment in Hempstead, NY according to an AP report.

[Photo by John DelSignore of Gothamist]

Duplessis faces charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. He has still yet to make any statements publicly about what led him to leap. What do you think about Duplessis’ arrest? Did he already pay the price with the injuries he sustained or should the prosecutor throw the book at him? Regardless of anything, the Nassau County Jail isn’t a pretty place to spend anytime. We can only imagine what his potential fellow inmates will think of Duplessis’ crime, so he should invest in some soap on a rope.

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10 thoughts on “Phish Jones Beach Jumper Arraigned

  1. docelot Reply

    deserves whatever he gets. F’em.

  2. c'mon now Reply

    kinda tactless article with the soap on a rope bit, imo.

    i think the dude got enough punishment for the pain he had to go through. he was prob tripping and thought he could fly. least he didnt die or kill anyone else.

    keep it classy san diego.

  3. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I’m sorry, I have no empathy for that asshole who put so many people’s lives as risk and became the mainstream media “face” of the tour. Hope he enjoys Nassau County Jail.

  4. kyle Reply

    Who are we to judge until all the facts are in. If he jumped give him probation but what if he fell? Even if he was drunk he still almost died so lets give a fellow phan a break unless the facts come back that he jumped on purpose. If he did that he deserves what he gets but if he fell disordly conduct is enough

  5. c'mon now Reply

    For all we know, hes bipolar or mentally messed up. I’m sure his intent wasn’t to hurt the people below. If that were his M.O. he could have done it plenty of other ways. Why dont we cut him some slack until we really know what happened instead of writing him off because he gave our tour a bad image. Trust, there are plenty of bad things that people say about phish fans. Seems the bad eggs always get the press. Doesnt mean we need to bash a fellow fan that almost died.

    Moral of the story, stop being a selfish asshole yourself before karma bites you in the ass and you get hit by a bus crossing the street. The soap on a rope bit is still tactless.

  6. kail Reply

    He almost hit me. If I was still in the seat I sat in 1st set he would have landed right in front of me. The thought of the whole thing still makes me want to puke. I don’t want to see the kid go to jail or get totally screwed, but he could’ve killed me, broke my neck or done the same to one of my friends. He deserves some sort of recourse no matter how f’d up he was. And he absolutely jumped. i was in HH, roughly 15 rows in front of where the balcony hangs over. Absolutely no way he fell

  7. Piffard Johnny Reply

    If it’s found that he jumped, then he has to face some punishment. It should not matter if he was on anything or that he has a chemical imbalance. And to give a fellow phan a break? Not in this instance. I’m so tired of completely wasted people who can’t control themselves being at shows. Mostly they ruin the time of those around them and bring the wrong kind of attention with them.

  8. Messed UP Reply

    Gee glad to see fellow “phans” worried about another. He’s a good friend of mine and both of us have been going to phish shows since 94′ and through all of this I see no comment asking “hey i hope he is alright”. Looks like things have changed a lot in the past 16 years.

    • Chris Reply

      Is he alright? Hope all is well and everyone came out ok from this accident.

  9. S.C. Reply

    I can’t believe how awful people are being. Seriously,give the guy a break. We’ve all done crazy shit that could have ended up way worse than this. He just wasn’t so lucky.

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