Hidden Flick: Trapped In Space – Pt. 2

Riget, of course, is Danish for Kingdom. And, yes, the eight-part series was later made into an American version, titled Kingdom Hospital, developed by Stephen King, and based in Lewiston, Maine. But we are not concerned with that thirteen-part saga. We are more interested in the strange occurrences and people, always the weird people, wandering the halls and basement of that very odd hospital in Copenhagen.

Things were mildly tame in Part I—only getting strange near the end, like when a full size adult male ‘baby’ is born, essentially becoming some sort of ersatz spawn of Satan. In Part II, all hell breaks loose. Literally. The Kingdom, a hospital built on top of some sort of portal, a passageway to the dead, triggers haunting scenes of disturbing imagery, flowing outwards for its entire four-hour trip, crossing the line from what can be real, imagined, part of this dimension, the so-called ‘afterlife’ dimension, and an odd combination of all dimensions at one time as the staff, patients, and periphery characters stretch out and, ultimately, consume the entire universe of Riget, the Kingdom, the memory of where and when and how forever circling overhead, looping through time while gazing out upon eternity, out upon a distinct link between what space appears to be, and what it really is—a mysterious riddle consumed by the enormous weight of it all.

And so we gaze beyond the Window, la Ventana of the soul, beyond Time and Space…

Randy Ray

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