Best Grateful Dead Video Ever? – Jerry Garcia Imitates Bob Weir at Hampton

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We came across this incredible video of Jerry Garcia doing his best Bob Weir imitation at Hampton in 1987 during Terrapin. We’ve never seen Captain Trips so animated and it warms the heart to see how into it he gets. Even Bobby gets a big kick out of Jer’s impression and the crowd goes apeshit.

Jerry Garcia = Rock Star

[via OhKeePahBlog on Facebook]

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16 thoughts on “Best Grateful Dead Video Ever? – Jerry Garcia Imitates Bob Weir at Hampton

  1. xeyedandpainless Reply

    Needs more Short Shorts and spitting into the mic. Nice find.

  2. suckiemcsuck Reply

    That’s just fantastic.

  3. Dan Reply

    I was talking to a guy in line for Furthur who said he hated Bobby. I said I’d seen Ratdog a ton, and why would he see Furthur if he didn’t like Bobby? He said he got turned off when he started wearing shorts and playing a pink guitar in the eighties. I said, Wait, you don’t like a muscian because of his shorts and the color of his guitar? That’s pretty gay.
    He stopped talking to me.

  4. dave Reply

    I started hating bobby when he started to insist on singing the Jerry tunes. Isn’t that what they brought in fake Jerry for?

  5. Jake O Reply

    If you never thought Jerry had a sense of humor all you need to do is watch this clip…

  6. Dan Reply

    Bobby’s been singing GD songs that Jerry once sang (and poorly at that, at least from 90-95) for fifteen years. That’s half the lifespan of the Grateful Dead, in case you lost count. They’re as much his as anyone’s.

  7. Johnny_the_Boy Reply

    Judging the members of the dead, any of them, by their fashion decisions is just absurd. Sure, Bobby’s proto-prep summer wear and pink guitar were atrocious, but look at the rest of his crew.

    Jerry: wore the same black t-shirt and jeans for weeks straight on tour. He probably smelled like a tire fire. Plus his hands and beard were usually covered in black soot from smoking H out of tinfoil. Classy.

    Billy: Wore t-shirts of the band he was a member of well into the 80s. Inexcusable. He was so famous for this maneuver, it is actually called, “pulling a Billy” in certain circles.

    Mickey: Hey Mick, did you get positive feedback after you purchased Jimmy Buffet’s “You Had to Be There” era mustache off of ebay? Also not afraid to occasionally pull a Billy. A lethal combination.

    Phil: Constantly wore red, white and blue tennis wrist bands to keep whiskey and cocaine sweat from dripping down his arms and making his bass slick. Also a threat to pull a Billy (a virtual epidemic in this group). He then topped the whole kit off with NAMBLA glasses. Atrocious.

  8. QuixoticPsycedelico Reply

    You have something against the boys, Johnny?
    That’s either piss poor sarcasm or you’ve spent a lot of time and energy thinking about why you dislike the Grateful Dead.

  9. Johnny_the_Boy Reply

    No quixotic, that was fantastic sarcasm. Please tell me you’re not one of those uber-serious hippies with no sense of humor, driving around in a Prius festooned with bumper stickers advertising your political beliefs. You give the rest of us a bad name.

    The summer between my seventh and eighth grade years i wore a tiedye to the local arcade down the shore. An older head challenged me to “name 5 dead songs.” I did to his satisfaction. However after the initial rush of showing up an older kid wore off, I felt like a total a55hole; why had I played his game? Ever since then I realized that my musical tastes were my own and I did not need to prove or justify them to anyone.

  10. Bobbyismyelvis Reply

    Rob Turner says this is just Jerry being Jerry and not a Bobby impression

  11. des Reply

    HILARIOUS! go jerry go!

  12. Mike A. Reply

    I think it’s an awesome Bobby impression!

  13. JD Reply

    He is not ‘imitating Bobby’, just SERIOUSLY rocking out at one the best shows ever, even for Hampton, which was consistently the best venue of the era.

    I was at this show – right up front too – and it was all about the energy. What you can’t see (or hear) in this clip is Phil dropping Thunder so heavy that there was dust falling off the rafters of the dome and sparkling in the stage lights.

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