The B List: Five Unanswered Questions

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3. Why did Steve Kimock leave Phil and Friends?

Just a few days into Phil Lesh and Friends’ 1999 Fall Tour, guitarist Steve Kimock left the band after posting a cryptic message on his website, “”I ain’t going to work on Maggie’s farm no more.” The closest we’ve ever come to getting an answer for what led to Kimock’s abrupt departure came from an interview with Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett in which they insinuated the issue was between Steve and Lesh’s wife, Jill. There are at least two sides to every story and the yenta in us would love to know each of those sides.

4. What did the Pacific Northwest do to piss off the Disco Biscuits?

From October 31 to November 3, 2001 the Disco Biscuits embarked on a successful tour of the Pacific Northwest in which they provided a “live” soundtrack to famous movies as part of the show at each stop.  Nearly nine years later the band has yet to return to the area. Did something happen on the brief tour that led to the group’s PacNW hiatus? Is it simply a matter of economics?

The Disco Biscuits have acknowledged the situation a few times. At Caribbean Holidaze in 2008, guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig told the crowd the band would be returning to the Pacific Northwest soon to which bassist Marc Brownstein retorted something along the lines of “it’s Barber’s turn to destroy his credibility.” Also, when one of our previous B Lists listed 10 Rejected Planet Anthem Pre-Order Items one of the entries was “Biscuits will play the Pacific Northwest ($1,000,000,000).” The band actually used our entry in the actual pre-order and sadly no one ponied up the billion bucks. A Facebook Group asking the band to return was started last year and a few weeks back the Biscuits posted an update to their official Facebook page asking for a role call of people who lived in the PAC NW and wanted the band to visit. Will this lengthy hiatus finally come to a close soon?

5. Who put the kibosh on MGMT’s taping policy?

Back in June, MGMT’s website was updated with an announcement stating that the band was embracing an open taping policy including the availability of a taper’s section at each show. Soon thereafter the news item disappeared from the site and despite the band’s publicist telling us an announcement about the taping policy would be forthcoming, three months later there’s been no word. Did the record label freak? Did the band want to hone their live show before sharing recordings with the world?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on any of the questions above in our comments section as well as other questions regarding bands we cover that you’d love to know the answers to.

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17 thoughts on “The B List: Five Unanswered Questions

  1. tmwsiy Reply

    ha, ha, I have always wondered about #2 and #3. Great link to all the backpack references in Trey interviews, those are pretty funny. As for #3, nothing funny about that- one can only image what the political/personal reasons were, but they must have been relatively significant in scope.

  2. zappafrank Reply

    Awesome article! Trey’s backpack!

  3. One More Reply

    In interviews after the 2009 Halloween show, Trey talked about a conversation with Page after they had already learned the Halloween album. They weren’t sure if they really wanted to do it, so they scrapped it for Exile. How about asking what was the album they learned and didn’t play?

  4. Scott Bernstein Reply

    @One More – That’s totally on the list for part two along with what was Jay-Z referring to when he said “what does that mean?” in Brooklyn right after saying “Y’all been hiding this from me.”

    • mike mccabe Reply

      where did the first two questions go?

  5. suckiemcsuck Reply

    I moved to the PacNW in 2002. When I lived on the East Coast I saw Disco Biscuits all the time. I haven’t seen them in 8 years now. WTF?

  6. zzyzx Reply

    For the record, $1,000,000,000 is a billion not a million 😉

  7. aim-high Reply

    Great topic. Maybe some will be answered one day…

  8. ericwyman Reply

    @onemore – there was no album. I call phish nanners

  9. JKosakow Reply

    Great questions. I’d like to know what kind of backpack Trey was rockin. You think he goes for the North Face or the plain old Jansport circa 1991?

  10. BT (@chalkdust99) Reply

    The rift between Jill Lesh and Steve Kimock was apparently over the smoking of a joint. The word going around the Bay Area at the time was that Steve was “getting prepared” to do a show, and Jill scolded him and said something to the effect of, “this is serious business and that won’t be tolerated”.

  11. pocketbuddhasc Reply

    What happened the day George left Panic? Fight on the bus? Thrown laptop? Pissy deedle?

  12. alexb Reply

    the current abb will never answer what was in that letter, they are making too much dough, its too bad, cause dickey and derek would make a killer combo

  13. chris Reply

    ‘It says, ‘We hope that you will seek treatment and return to us happy and healthy in the fall,”’ says the guitarist, reading from the fax

  14. henge Reply

    jayz saw a double rainbow right before he said what does that mean?

  15. Ben Heckscher Reply

    If I may, I’d like to ask another question: Was Weir in fact dosed before the Nokia show? If not, then what the hell happened, if so, then who did it, with what, and where can I get some?

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