Jam Cruise Files: Zach Deputy

HT: Can you tell us a little bit about your Jam Room experiences last year?

ZD: Well I felt like I was the baby of the boat – the new guy, the new kid on the block. So most nights I waited until all the old guys got too tired (I’m picking on them, but it’s true) and got off stage, and the young cats took over. This usually happened between 2 and 2:30 in the morning and the crowd was usually at its low point. One night I remember there were only like ten people, and none of the other people wanted to play to just ten people so the stage was actually empty. So I figured since nobody else would get up there, I might as well. So I got up by myself and started singing some blues. Before I knew it, some of my buddies started joining in, the crowed got packed and everyone was going crazy. We ended up raging until 7 or 8 in the morning. It ended up being my favorite night on Jam Cruise.

[Deputy Crowned King of Jam Room by The Joker]

HT: Is there anything that you plan to do differently this time around as opposed to last year?

ZD: Plan… what does that mean? Plans are meant to be broken so I wouldn’t do such a thing 🙂

HT: Have you kept in touch with any of the cruisers or musicians – those you hadn’t met before – whom you met on last year’s trip?

ZD: Yeah. Most definitely. I talk to cruisers all the time all over the place. Jam cruisers are a very strong family.

HT: I didn’t realize you and Brock both came from the same town. Had you played with him before last year’s cruise?

ZD: Yeah, I used to go play at open mic night in Savannah when I was like 17, when Brock hosted it. We’re old friends.

Brock Raps While Zach Plays in the Jam Room

HT: How did you do in the basketball tournament? Will you enter again this trip?

ZD: Well, I didn’t win if that’s what you’re asking. I was playing on a team of midgets (no offense). But it wasn’t happy, loving hippy basketball. It was hard core. DJ Logic twisted his ankle and this other guy hurt his knee. It was a war zone. But all in all, it was the second most amusing moment on the boat, and I’ll be there next year with my skirt on. I think everyone should wear skirts on the basketball court. Maybe I’m starting a trend. But I’m assuming I’ll be the only idiot out there wearing a skirt.

HT: Do you have any advice for first-time cruisers?

ZD: Nothing can prepare you for the things to come.

Ain’t that the truth, Zach. There are still a few cabins left for Jam Cruise 9 on the MSC Poesia. The Poesia departs Ft. Lauderdale on January 4th and visits Roatan, Honduras and Costa Maya, Mexico before returning on the 9th. Bob Weir’s Scaring The Children, the Rhythm Devils, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Galactic, the Greyboy Allstars and God Street Wine are among the acts scheduled to perform on the trip.

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One thought on “Jam Cruise Files: Zach Deputy

  1. the joker Reply

    hell yeah! ill def stick around when Zach is in the jam room! hes awesome.

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