Open Thread: Did You Score Phish Tickets?

Music Today has started sending out notices of regret and confirmation to those who entered the lottery for tickets to Phish’s New Year’s Run. How did you fare? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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34 thoughts on “Open Thread: Did You Score Phish Tickets?

  1. Jon Reply

    Yesterday I got an email from Phish saying I get free mp3s with my ticket. Today I got an email saying I got no tickets. Strange?

  2. E Reply

    i got shut out for all 3 nye shows…my buddy got a pair to 30th and 1st shows. Fingers crossed for NYE show.

  3. E Reply

    @Jon, I FREAKED when i read that email. Today was a slap in the face.

  4. Casey Ryback Reply

    I got four tickets for each night of the MSG run.

  5. wav4rm Reply

    Put in for 2 each night for MSG, got 2 for NYE directly behind the stage, nosebleed section.

  6. multi-beast Reply

    Shut out for all I asked for: NYE and 1/1.

  7. Jay Reply

    Put in for 2 all 3 nights of MSG ended up with front row section 133 for New Years Eve! no complaints here! gonna go for 1/1/11 saturday

  8. Bill Reply

    I got 2 for the 31st and 2 for the 1st I’ll start the biding @ $200 each suckers!!!!

  9. Dan Reply

    2 for 12/30 and 2 for 1/1. Not great seats, but they’ll do.

  10. brian Reply

    tried for all 5 nights. got the 28th and the 30th

  11. CashCrowe Reply

    I put in for 2 on 12/31 and 1/1 and was shut out completely.

  12. miller Reply

    I got my card charged but haven’t gotten a notification e-mail yet……. Anyone else not hear yet where they had their card charged??

  13. Paul Reply

    I tried for all three nights, as did my wife, mother and mother-in-law. Scored 1 pair for 12/31 and two pairs for 1/1. Hoping to trade for 12/30.

  14. Ariel Reply

    Did not score through Phish. But got both Charleston nights through Ticketmaster

  15. GmG720 Reply

    Put in for all three nights at MSG, shut out again, 0 for 7 since they’ve been back. Thankfully a buddy of mine scored 12/31. Now have to try for 12/30 and 1/1 on Saturday.

  16. Poster Nutbag Reply

    put in for all, only got a pair for 12/27. everyone else in my crew (10 people) got shut out.

  17. SD Reply

    @miller – Yeah, same here. Charged for one night at MSG, but no email. I’m guessing it’ll come late night like it has the last two times I scored in the lottery.

  18. andrew Reply

    scored sweet seats for worcester 2nd night…..only request….havnt seen them at the centrum since the epic 98 run…! couldn’t be happier. new york sketches me out.

  19. BeEasy Reply

    hey miller… check your spam settings.

    0/3 for MSG after missing halloween. if not for my perfect ’09 and summer ’10 track record with the mail-orders I’d probably freak out. wish me luck with ticketmaster on saturday. scalpers here i come 🙁

  20. HAL_Masa Reply

    Did scored nothing for MSG

  21. miller Reply

    Thanks for the responses guys!! I just got the email. Got a few nosebleeds for 12-30. Better than nothing… Goodluck everyone–

  22. Dtrace Reply

    Second successful lottery in a row, don’t usually bother with it but knew I had to give it a shot for these two runs, got floor seats for providence and some nice seats at MSG on 1/1/11 so I’m pretty stoked! .. Not feelin like everyone else is too happy after all I’ve been reading…

  23. Justin Reply

    After catching four shows (Hershey, Camden II, and both Jones Beach shows) this summer and holding tix to Utica and Providence, I could not afford the upcoming New Year’s run. Would love to, but simply do not have the time off, or money especially. Lots of luck to those looking to score tix and cheers to a great upcoming Fall Tour!

  24. Tim Reply

    Put in for 4 tickets for both nights in Worcester and got em all – GA floor tix for all 8 taboot!

    Lottery has been good to me – I received all shows I requested in 2009 including first 2 nights of Hampton. 2010 I scored 5 shows through the lottery including these 2 Worcester shows.

    Long live the lottery!

  25. s Reply

    I have 1 Utica mail order to trade for a Halloween if anyone is interested.

  26. SonicYouth Reply

    I put in a simple request of 1 ticket for each MSG, and what did I get, 1 ticket for 12.30.10
    What gives PTBM? This makes no sense, why not complete the order.
    I am not a phan of Red Light & musictoday.

  27. Candy Beats Reply

    After getting really bad tix for Jones this summer and selling them, I wound up getting FRONT ROW.or at least something close to the front row fro 12.30

    what luck!

  28. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    I put in for 2 each 12/27 and 12/28, ended up with 2 for 12/28, which is the show I wanted. I usually get a 50% success rate, the last 3 lotteries I have scored at least one show, after getting shut out of all 2009 lotteries.

  29. Joel Reply

    I got 2 GA for 12/27. I put in for that, as well as 12/28 and 12/31 just for kicks. Good enough.

  30. Drew Reply

    got first levels for 1/1. looking to sell

  31. Ben Reply

    three credit cards, three requests for 2 to each of the 5 nights, and we ended up with just 2 tix to both Centrum shows and 2 for 1/1.

    if anybody wants to trade 12/30 for 1/1, i’d be more than happy!

    –> victoryforcake at yahoo dot com

  32. Kyle Reply

    Anyone that got shut out there are still a few seats for New New Hampshire. It is going to be the hottest show of the show. Total phish style tuesday night not sold out yet Bustouts galore!! You heard it hear first!

  33. Jon Reply

    After getting boned for Halloween, I hit the jackpot with 4 tix for NYE. Section 133. One is available for trade – looking for 1/1, 12/30, 10/29. *reasonable* offers, jkussma00 AT ccny DOT cuny DOT edu

  34. bill hull Reply

    Got 4 tix sec 94 sweet seats! Have 2 for sale as well

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