Open Thread: Did You Score Phish Tickets?

Phish tickets went on sale today through Ticketmaster for the band’s December 30th and 31st performances at Madison Square Garden as well as the first-ever January 1st show at the same venue. How did you do? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Also, iClips announced that last night’s Phish set from the Austin City Limits Festival will be broadcast this evening at 9:30 PM CDT. Tune in here.

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24 Responses

  1. i thought i was gold. short wait time. 5 mins after i got in, i got the “no tickets found” screen. at 12:05. unfuckingbelievable.

  2. Got a good tip with a new tixmaster phone number, went through the automated system on repeat killing time till 12, poised for success; ten minutes before husband comes in the room frantically looking for a shirt with no success and hangs up the phone to ask me!!!!! My perfect moment, lost to ignorant husband. FML!!!

  3. This is a bad joke. In 16 minutes I’ve waited for NYE tix 3 times, no dice. Where’s Eddie Vedder when you need him?

  4. Hey when I got Amherst for the first nigth the one that sold out in minutes I tried everything. I tried obstructed ffew upper level seating etc and I was able to get a ticket after it told me there were no more tix avaailable at this time. This is not a joke I mean these shows are sold out but I did this 3 times and was able to get 3 tickets at 3 different times. I just kept going backing and messing with the settings and I found 3 individual searts that were not together but all my peeps were able to get in even tho the tix are scattered. I was shocked so dont believe what the say try for one ticket and keep going back and see how many you can get bc I got 3 no joke

  5. No luck thru ticketmaster. Looking for 2 for 12/31. Looks like plenty of people are already flipping their tickets for a hefty profit on Stubhub. This whole process really takes the fun out of it…

    Bring back the old mail order!!!

  6. FAIL WAIL. same old story. the payoff is big, but sometimes phish is just too much work. i just checked eBay and there’s a buy it now for $1499. what’s up with that?

  7. scored a pair of 300 level tix for 12/30 and 1/1. had to set up 2 computers to do it. I didn’t even try for NYE because I knew I’d just be locked out and disappointed. I don’t know anyone besides the people I’ve read about on Phish’s facebook wall and this comment thread who won tickets to that show.

  8. boned on PTBM. boned for on-sale. all three nights. nothing. 99% of the folks I know got boned for all three nights, too. My question? If the fans (clearly) aren’t getting the tickets, who is? With 15% or so of the entire MSG allotment on stubhub, for an absolutely ridiculous price, things are looking grim for the regular fan who just wants to see a show. and that is an utter shame.

  9. I got uber lucky, section 3 row A first night nye run MSG!
    400’s for nye and 90’s for new years day.

    However I got shut out of Atlantic city

    See you ragin’ the rail!!!
    Page side rage side!

  10. I agree with Panda…I got screwed all around.

    How in the world did I not get even one of nearly 60,000 seats despite logging onto ticketmaster right at 12EST?

    i’m a college student who turns people on to phish. why the hell should i have to pay over twice the face value for tickets to my favorite band?

  11. I was 6th on line @ J & R Music in NYC. All I got was 4 tix for 12.30 and 2 tix for 1/1.
    By 12:07pm NYE was gone. There’s no conspiracy behind it.
    It’s the way it works, you have world wide access to try for tix and only 3 outlets in all 5 boros of NYC. It’s Not impossible at all that 15,000 seats (assuming Phish got to sell about 4K, which is about 25% of the house) would go in 7 minutes when you have, internet, phone and outlet sales.
    Back in 1998, tickets were only sold in retail outlets on Manhattan Island only. Back then it was the Rite-Aid chain. People came to Manhattan far and wide, I went to W. 207th at the top of the island, and every one scored. Maybe that’s how it should be. Internet sales have Actually pushed up the speed of the amount of time it takes for a show to sell out. That’s not good.
    It’s not anyones fault, and yes I hate TM as much as anyone, it’s just the way it is.
    I think that what the band should think about, is playing venues that are as large as the event itself. Meaning, most phans want to be a the Halloween and NYE shows the most, so maybe they should be in venues, where everyone can get in, i.e Cypress and Indio. AS much as I love the hometown MSG NYE show, I will travel to a warm climate anytime for NYE. Yes, I am suggesting Indio or Cypress.

    With all that said, I’m offering 3 x 12.30 Tix for 2 x 12.31 Tix Trade!


    Just get rid of the online sale. Only the scalpers win. Bring back fucking mail order. At least then the people who care get the tickets, not the a$$holes who use a network of people and dozens of computers so that they can go to EVERY SHOW.

    Yeah, you know who you are. I just wanted one night. I didn’t care if it was NYE. Why should it be this hard?

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