Phish Broomfield – Night Three: Setlist

We’ve reached the end of the Broomfield run as Phish returned to the 1st Bank Center this evening for the third of three shows at the Colorado venue.

The performance started with a pair of Time-related songs – Stealing Time and Time Turns Elastic – before bassist Mike Gordon powered a unique version of the elusive Meat (second version since Hampton). Keyboardist Page McConnell turned in a fine vocal take on Allen Toussaint’s On Your Way Down and 46 Days brought the set to a close with a fierce arena rock climax.

10/12/2010 1stBank Center

Set 1: Stealing Time From the Faulty PlanTime Turns ElasticMeat, The Divided SkyTimber (Jerry)On Your Way DownHeavy Things, Sugar Shack46 Days

Set 2: Carini[1]David Bowie, LightTheme From the BottomFreeJoyHalfway to the MoonBugSummer of ’89, Split Open and Melt

Encore: Meatstick[2],

[1] w/ Harpua teases
[2] w/ Japanese lyrics

Carini ended with a meandering jam during which Trey teased Harpua several times. The first of the trapped miners in Chile emerged during the setbreak, and the second during Theme>Free>Joy. Meatstick included the Japanese lyrics from 6/9/00. Don’t miss news ofthe Mockingbird Foundation’s grants to Broomfield schools.


Carini got the second set off to a promising start with a jam that altered between major and minor keys until drummer Jon Fishman kicked into David Bowie. The second stanza also saw the second-ever Halfway to the Moon – a McConnell tune that disappeared for 26 shows after its debut at SPAC in June. Besides the Carini jam, Split Open and Melt was the improvisational highlight of the second set thanks to the handiwork of guitarist Trey Anastasio.

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Meatstick brought the Broomfield run to a conclusion with its first appearance in the encore slot since 1999. Phish Fall Tour 2010 now travels cross-country to North Charleston, SC, where the band will perform at the North Charleston Coliseum on Friday and Saturday.

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  1. 1st miner actually emerged amidst 46 Days as I was couch touring both. Mor ironic too with the “coal ran out” mining reference. Would have been extra ironic to have received a 2nd set Hood with “thank you Mr. Miner” and all…

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