Best of Cover Wars: Star Spangled Banner

Phish (New Jersey Nets game 6/12/2003):


Umphrey’s McGee (U.S. Cellular Field – Chicago, IL):


Members of the Grateful Dead:


Eddie Vedder (NBA Finals 1998):


Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock 1969):


John Bell of Widespread Panic (Detroit Tigers 4/12/2008)


Smokey Robinson (The 1986 World Series, Fenway Park):


Surfjan Stevens has his own rendition, with added verses:


Whitney Houston (Superbowl XXVl):


Beyoncé (Superbowl XXXVIII):


Hayden Panettiere (Washington DC July 4th, 2007):


The Bellagio in Las Vegas:


Have I missed your favorite version? It’s quite possible. Leave a comment with a link to any rendition I may have overlooked.

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13 Responses

  1. Whitney – yeah, I said it.

    personal favorite: Wayne Messmer (from various Chicago sporting events)

  2. You started with the best: Marvin Gaye.

    He KILLS it, and people go nuts. When have you heard people screaming, and clapping and dancing along to this song?

    I have to agree with siwook, Wayne Messmer deserves some love. Dude was shot in the THROAT and still brings it every time.

  3. I once saw Chad Smith perform the National Anthem before a Detroit Pistons game back in the early 90’s. Pretty interesting to say the least.

  4. Hendrix’s version is rightly legendary. But, seriously, Marvin fucking Gaye, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll go to the You Tube comments…

    “This is a baby-making national anthem. Sexy.”

  5. Hands down Tom Sullivan. Unless u saw the super bowl X u wouldn’t have heard it. A recording of it was not published to my knowledge. I have been looking for it for over 20 years.

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