The B List: 10 Best Kiddie Phish Videos

[We put this list together back in 2008 and we’re currently putting together a second volume which we hope to post next Thursday. If you have any recommendations leave us a comment.]

Now that many Phish fans are old enough to have kids of their own, they are teaching their children all about the fantastic music of the Vermont Quartet. If you look on YouTube there are tons of videos of toddlers and infants grooving to Bouncin’, Contact and more. We’ll save you the trouble by compiling a list of our favorite kiddie Phish video on the ‘nets.

10. Two-year-old Gracie loves to noodle dance even if her friends aren’t as into the PH. In this video Gracie gets down to Gotta Jibboo…

READ ON for nine more incredibly cute videos…

9. Here’s young Phish fan Karena demonstrating the Meatstick Dance. She’s so much better than Sofi Dillof, but she should really put a shirt on.


8. Malachi likes his Phish dark and funky, so it’s no surprise he’s getting down to a typically nasty version of Free…


7. If you see four-year-old Keller Wyman in Hampton, be sure to give him some room. This kid like to groove all over the place…


6.  Little Eden Sandock has great taste in music and likes to eat food off the floor. She seems to have the Antelope Greg rotation move down, but by far the best part of this video is when Eden takes her first steps to Ghost…


5. This baby loves the beginning of You Enjoy Myself and who can blame her? Again, indeed my little friend, again. Someone hook her up with a Hampton extra.


4. We’ve gotta give Lorraine props for rockin’ out to the most obscure track on our list: Daniel Saw The Stone. So heady!


3. This five-year old dances to Phish’s Moma Dance on his video game…


2. Ten-year-old Matty has some nice skills for a youngster. Sure, he’s no Yuto, but I wish I had the chops this kid has at 10. Here’s Matty taking a stab at First Tube…


1. Every parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle thinks that their child/grandchild/niece/nephew is the absolute cutest ever. But in my case this is actually true. Check out this video of my nephew/godson Oliver gently Bouncin’ Around The Room…


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  1. This might be my favorite post on HT EVER. Good job Scotty! Though you did play favorites for the number one spot, huh? I think I’ll video all of my nieces and nephews to dance around together to see they can compete!

  2. So perfectly relevant to me as I spent 9 months drowning my wife in Phish during the pregnancy and now after delivery enjoy jamming/dancing along with my the boys from vermont while holding my twin boys

  3. I have to make sure I show this video tonight i might be a little embarrassed. I’ll try to get on of Sage she can dance circles around Keller

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