SONG PREMIERE: Holly Golightly – “Slowtown”

If Holly Golightly’s name sounds familiar it’s because she was named after the main character in Truman Capote’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s. You know, the iconic character played by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film adaption? But Holly Golightly’s name should also be familiar because of a career in music that goes back to the early 90s that has produced a body of work consisting of more than 20 albums. The English singer-songwriter has always stayed busy, whether playing with her numerous projects or doing her own thing. Less familiar listeners may have heard Holly’s seductive, enchanting “There’s An End”, a standout song on the soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s 2005 indie hit starring Bill Murray, Broken Flowers.

As of late Holly Golightly may be best known as one half of the Brokeoffs, a group she fronts with her musical partner Lawyer Dave that has gained a reputation for sparse, rootsy Americana. However, recently Holly decided to enlist some old friends to help her on her first full-band effort since 2004’s Slowly But Surely. Releasing on September 11, Slowtown Now! reunites Holly with her longstanding U.K. band of guitarists Ed Deegan and Bradley Burgess, bassist Matt Radford and drummer Bruce Brand. The album finds the singer-songwriter going back to her earlier roots and tapping into an array of sounds including jazz, girl-group pop, exotica, and straight up rock and roll. Holly had been itching to do something different for a while, but the initial motivation for the album came from wanting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Damaged Goods Records, the British indie label behind many of her releases over the years. We’re excited to premiere the tune “Slowtown” right here on Glide, which you can listen to below. With its haunting yet alluring vocals and twangy guitar, the song conjures images of a dusty desert bar somewhere outside of L.A. – despite being recorded in London. Cheers!

Holly Golightly’s Slowtown Now! drops on September 11th. For more info check out her Facebook page. Rumor has it we can expect another record from the Brokeoffs real soon as well, so stay tuned to their Facebook page. 


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