VIDEO PREMIERE: Ernie Ball Captures The White Buffalo’s Blue Collar Approach To Music

Listen to the 3rd studio album from The White Buffalo, which drops August 21st via Unison Music Group, and you will hear an artist ready to take the world by storm. Love and the Death of Damnation is country, rock, folk, and so much more, but most importantly it is the singer-songwriter Jake Smith at the absolute top of his game. The bearded troubadour’s vibrato speaks volumes as he tackles the ups, downs and general nuances we all feel in our day to day lives. Most importantly, and despite the name of his band, Jake Smith is proof – much like fellow artists like Jason Isbell – that quality songwriting and well crafted songs are alive and well in this day and age.

But what exactly goes into creating an album and touring around the world for a musician like Jake Smith? To give us an inside look at the the process of creating The White Buffalo’s new album, as well as an in-depth look at the life of a traveling musician bursting with creativity, Ernie Ball – the manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories – has put together a 10-part series capturing everything that goes into being a career musician and making an album. The 8th installment of the series delves into the working-class, blue collar side of Jake Smith’s approach to his life in music. We are excited to premiere this installment, which also provides some useful tips for musicians looking to do it on their own, right here on Glide. Check it out:

You can see more episodes at The White Buffalo releases Love and the Death of Damnation on August 21st. For tour dates, music, and more check out

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