Supersuckers Rock With Hayes Carll On “This Life….With You” (SONG PREMIERE)

Is there a band that has maintained more of a consistent output of ass-kicking rock and roll for as many years as the Supersuckers? Possibly, but chances are the Supersuckers could kick their ass in a fight. For going on thirty years the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World”  has left a trail of fiery wreckage in barrooms across the world with their unrivaled live performances, a sort of cowboy version of the Replacements who can hold their booze. All the while, they have been cranking out albums that capture that same live intensity with guitar-driven heavy rock about getting drunk, high and out of control.

The Seattle band’s upcoming album Holdin’ The Bag, which comes out October 16 on Acetate Records finds them returning to familiar territory. This is definitely not a bad thing, as Bag finds the Supersuckers firing a deep arsenal of rock and roll missiles. But the album also comes with a heavier personal vibe since it was recorded just before lead singer Eddie Spaghetti was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer. Despite canceling a handful of upcoming gigs, the resilient frontman expects to make a full recovery and be back on the road as soon as he beats the cancer (you can donate to his medical fund HERE). You’re crazy if you think that cancer would tone down the Supersuckers we know and love; Holdin’ The Bag features some of Eddie Spaghetti’s finest songwriting and finds the band embracing their cowboy rock and roll roots.

We’re excited to offer the exclusive premiere of one of the standout tracks on Holdin’ The Bag, “This Life…With You” right here on Glide. The song is a light-hearted Tex Mex honky tonk tune that tells the tale of one man’s desire to escape his bitchy lover. What elevates the tune above the usual Supersuckers fare is the guest appearance of accomplished Texas singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, who is a natural fit for a duet with Eddie Spaghetti.

Reflecting on the origins of the song, Spaghetti says, “This song feels like it has always been here, it just came out of me one day as I was listening to a friend of mine argue on the phone with his wife. Having Hayes Carll on it just seals the deal. (Apologies to Jim Carroll who I borrowed a lyric from for the bridge.)” He humbly calls it “Perhaps the best song I ever wrote.”

Crack open a cold one and give a listen to our exclusive premiere of the Supersuckers and Hayes Carll’s “This Life…With You”!

Holdin’ the Bag comes out on Acetate Records on October 16th. For more info and music check out

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