SONG PREMIERE: Mipso – “Everyone Knows”

Photo:  D.L. Anderson

North Carolina’s Mipso are one of the few bands who can balance bluegrass, folk, and Americana sensibilities without sounding contrived or like they are trying to be the next Lumineers. Their songs are as heartfelt as they are intricately arranged in a way that is as forward thinking as it is rooted in tradition. Did we mention they know how to deliver some truly enchanting harmonies?

Mipso’s new album Old Time Reverie was produced by Andrew Martin of Mandolin Orange and comes out October 2nd on Robust Records. The entire album is loaded with catchy, danceable bluegrass tunes, and Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the tune “Everyone Knows”.

Fiddler player and vocalist Libby Rodenbough says…

“I’m fresh out of college, a world full of self-congratulatory young people like myself, and recently initiated into show business, a world full of self-congratulatory people of all ages. In both spheres I’ve been frustrated with the way we all sort of automatically puff up our chests at each other, unwilling to admit that a lot of the time we’re scared or confused or just generally uncertain. That we don’t really know how to deal with darkness and trouble, that we don’t really know how we feel about the paths we take. So when I say ‘everyone’s here, everyone knows,’ I mean we all know that we don’t really know anything. Our efforts to appear otherwise tend to come off pretty strained, a la the emperor’s clothes. 

But I’m not all cynicism and doom! The last stanza is my hope, and a kind of admonition to myself to practice honesty and warmth over bluster.” 


Give a listen to Mipso’s “Everyone Knows”

Old Time Reverie comes out October 2nd. For more music and info on Mipso check out

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