VIDEO PREMIERE: American Pinup – “Committed”

Fronted by Lauren West, who combines sultry crooning with a raspy rock and roll growl, New York band American Pinup draw from influences across the spectrum of alternative music. Their newest EP  The Radio (released August 21st) is a blend of pop-savvy melody and punk rock attitude. Following two full-length albums and two EPs, multiple national tours, and countless appearances at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, and SXSW, American Pinup have carved out their own niche. Glide Magazine is excited to offer up the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Committed”, one of the standout tracks on The Radio.

Commenting on the video, Lauren West says, “The video was directed and conceived by Rob Vornkahl. He had this idea to shoot in a seedy motel and create a kind of ‘worst hangover ever’ scene, with sort of a 90s feel because the song has a bit of 90s swagger to it. We loved the idea right away since it also really tied into the theme of the song.”

On the actual making of the video, she reflects humorously, “We had a tough time finding a motel that would agree to let us shoot because no matter how we put it, they just wouldn’t believe we weren’t shooting a porno. Eventually, we decided to just go for it without asking permission and improvise if we got caught. We ended up lucking out and getting everything we needed, although the shots where we had the drum kit on the bed turned some heads. (One guy actually drove by the window, stopped, and backed his car up to see what the hell we were doing.) I guess it’s pretty unusual to see a band set up in a motel room. Then again, there was a mirror on the ceiling, so I’m sure they’ve seen stranger things going on in those rooms.”

That being said, check out Glide‘s exclusive premiere of American Pinup’s video for “Committed”…

The Radio is out now. For more on American Pinup check out

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