SONG PREMIERE: Mississippi’s The JAG Get Trippy On “Track 666 (Money)”

Mississippi may not be a place you associate with psychedelic music, however, one listen to The JAG and you’ll quickly realize it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. Hailing from Jackson, MS but currently based out of Nashville, this quintet pull influences from psychedelic rock and roll, disco, and artsier fare like the Talking Heads and even world music. There’s a funky, raw sexuality to The JAG that originates from the moaning, oozy vocals of Aaron Tyler King, who imparts a commanding presence over a relentless, sleazy groove. They’ve been known to call their sound “slantgaze rock”, a term that lends itself to their alluring southern swagger.

On October 23rd The JAG will release their sophomore album Pondermental Wonderment In Hypocricity. The album was produced by Andrija Tokic at his analogue studio the Bomb Shelter. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Tokic was the producer of the Alabama Shakes’ breakout album Boys & Girls.

We’re excited to premiere one of the standout tunes on Pondermental Wonderment In Hypocricity, “Track 666 (Money)”, right here on Glide Magazine. The song uses droning harmonies, massive drums, and thumping, foreboding basslines that bring to mind industrial music and hints of Radiohead. 

Speaking on the idea behind the song, vocalist Aaron Tyler King says, “The first verse of ‘Track 666’ is about feeling the pressure of owing money while not having a job. The lyrical imagery is that of a person flung into perpetual paranoia. Monday is the real antagonist. The week begins with panic. The second verse is far more frightening. The person is now employed by a greedy corporation. ‘They see without seeing’…blind to all the corruption around them. Dread sets in on Monday for a whole new reason. Hopelessness seems to loom above this song.”

That may sound a bit grim, but isn’t some of the best rock dark and grim? Give a listen to our EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of The JAG’s “Track 666 (Money)”…

The JAG release Pondermental Wonderment In Hypocricity on October 23rd. For more info check out

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