SONG PREMIERE: Dirty Streets Get High On “Good Pills”

Memphis power-trio Dirty Streets are entrenched in the kind of deep soul, funk, blues, heavy boogie and psych-rock that was a domineering force of nature during the Seventies but is hard to come by these days, at least in a way that feels authentic. These guys are as real as it gets and they’re ready to kick your ass with rock and roll when they release their new studio album White Horse via Alive Naturalsound Records on November 27th. The release date also happens to be Black Friday, which, in name alone, seems more suited to Dirty Streets than it does to crazed, deal-chasing shoppers. Recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, White Horse is a hard-hitting blast of eleven arena-ready rock tunes best cranked to maximum volume.

“This album is definitely more fluid and natural,” says frontman Justin Toland. “We made a big deal out of just feeling out the songs rather than getting them technically perfect. Percussion was definitely a compass as far as groove on this one. If we couldn’t play the tambourine or shaker with feeling then it wasn’t cutting it. It was actually Budos Band that was a huge influence as far as groove goes for the writing of this record.”

Glide Magazine is excited to premiere one of the album’s standout tracks, “Good Pills”. Clocking in at just over two minutes, the song hits you with the kind of euphoric rush you get from popping a mouthful of potent pills.

Justin Toland is brief and to the point when describing “Good Pills”: “This song is about the thin grey line between symptom relief and brain numbing.”

Get your mind right and listen to our EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of Dirty Streets’ electrifying rocker “Good Pills”…

Dirty Streets release White Horse on November 27th via Alive Naturalsound Records. For more info and music check out their Facebook page. 

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