Head for the Hills – Hi-Fi Music Hall – Eugene, OR 11/12/15 (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Head for the Hills played a small show Thursday night in Eugene. A lower turnout moved the show to the small stage at Hi-Fi Music Hall, resulting in an intimate bar show. The night was kicked off by Trout Steak Revival, who have joined Head for the Hills on their current tour.

Head for the Hills play a style of music that is hard to describe. Foremost bluegrass but also blues and folk, their music is fast paced and danceable while also having a whimsical quality. The band is made up of equally talented parts and their live show is intimate and friendly. It was obvious there were many close friends of the band in the audience and all present were joyously dancing. Shows in Eugene are typically filled with many Deadheads who happen to love bluegrass and employ the signature dance style that Dead shows are famous for. Part free form twirl, part jazzy jive, the Deadhead style of dance is present at most shows in this small Oregon city. Like so many other great bands from Colorado, Head for the Hills plays a bluegrass style that is a jam band friendly take on traditional bluegrass. The style draws from traditional artists like Bill Monroe and the improv jamming of bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish. The jam grass scene has grown over the years and is a big attraction in Eugene.

The Thursday night show may have had a lower turnout, but intimate shows are always a delight. Head for the Hills has the talent and style to make it big in the modern bluegrass scene and getting a chance to see them on such a small stage may be short-lived as they aspire to bigger ones.

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